Let’s just note I’m getting worse


Shiloh Bodeur
Currently in a relationship with the half orc Cameron.
Is a mail runner for most of lyragon.


Boden Daralene and Asaph Wyrd
Just two towns guardsmen who work in Rhodiatron.

Trust me, I know I’m not getting better as I draw people I’ve yet to develop mental images of.

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If I posted 1 post per year, I’ve now written enough posts to fill a century.
Awesome? I guess?
I expect more, as should you.

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Friends and ladyfriend

Because people in my life need to be in there as well I’ve drawn my friends, and my lady friend.


Brendon and Kaleb


She punches people and things.
Just a small update. But an update nonetheless.

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Naming the brothers

So recently, (as in a week or two ago) I had a post showing a sketch I’d done of three brother characters.
These three represented my brothers and I if our lives were mirrored into my fantasy world of Mythe.
More available about that in the previous post.
Anyway, I’ve decided on names for the characters!
For the eldest brother I needed to make sure I had a middle name, as that’s what he would go by.
So looking at my older brothers name, I found his first name to be my grandfathers name, and His middle name, that he goes by, is biblical.
This led to the name Joshua Tobiah Lutren.
My youngest brother goes by his first name and has a name with a similar beginning sound to mine. So I had to find both of our characters names together.
His became Clark Zachary Lutren.
With mine I needed a first name that had a similar beginning sound to Clark and a name that could be a girls name if spelled differently. (Aaron being my first name.)
With this I found Kaden Hunter Lutren.
Now they have names, I need to make them their own characters. That way they can develop on their own and get away from being author avatars. In this I hope for them to be what Gandalf was in LoTR. Representation of the author who developed into his own strong character through the story. No Mary Sues here.
In the hopes to have this come about I sat down with my brothers to come up with the character virtues as well as their vices. Looking to come up with the three best and worst qualities that define them as a person.
I had my brothers choose my three. Then I helped both choose theirs.
I’ve never been happier to be so close to my brothers that even when talking about our worst qualities we can laugh and leave with no hard feelings.
I feel this story is only going to make the bond, of which I already felt was strong, between us deeper.
I hope to reflect this in my story. A story of the deep understanding, friendship, and mutual respect between three almost completely different brothers.
Thanks for reading,

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Life mirror


I recently had a dream where I was in my fantasy world, Mythe.
Beside me was my younger brother Eric, he is 3 years younger than me, and we were in a tavern. He was drinking it up with the wenches pulling on his bowtie.
(Note: Wizards in my world aren’t known for their hats, staves, or robes. Its their ties or neckwear. Different types of ties and scarves in different colors mean different things. He wears a bowtie. Symbolizing his coming out of apprenticeship. It can also symbolize your devotion to learning in the art.)
Anyway, I sat drinking rarely and staring at my buzzed brother, who was at that point eyeing the bar maid fondly, with mild annoyance.
I brought up how he should be focusing as he was headed to take his examination to become more than an apprentice. While he wasn’t the youngest to try, it was still viewed foolish to try at such a young age.
It was very vivid and we even discussed my older brother and his adventures.
When I awoke I found myself surprised to remember this dream and I held onto it.
I just decided to get back and try drawing us.
The height was an issue as both brothers are bigger than me.
Also in the dream, I was completely missing my left ear.
(Note 2: I’m deaf in my left ear in real life.)
It was strange and I may write some on the journeys our characters have gone through pretty soon.
Though I’m hesitant because this is pure self insertion. I feel like its weird and would make it seem like I’m over building myself or family.
Anyone have thoughts on this?

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Ever tried hypothetical juggling?

Greetings to all,

Just felt I’d stop in with a friendly reminder to not over work your brain with too much… well, work.
Seriously jerks and gents, and ladies if you decided to show up to this nerdfest, I’ve been working a lot for the past… Whoa! Has it been almost a year since I posted? I guess, I didn’t look at exact dates, but it’s been a while.

This will be, I think, number 6 on the “Hey, I’m back dudes! Sorry for being gone so long.” posts.
I don’t plan to make it a thing, but life happens sometimes.

Anyway, back to the update.
So, stuff happened, I’m still pretty radical, and I have kind of ground to a halt on all projects.
I am having a fight with adulthood and responsibility, who are teaming up to beat me up and take my lunch money, to try and do something I actually enjoy.
Like the Pathfinder and Dungeon and Dragons!
Also, writing, drawing, mapping, all of that good nonsensical crap.

Ameliorate and the Infinite Dungeon

I kind of stopped doing the Ameliorate and the Infinite Dungeon thing, despite really loving the series and wanting to get back to it sometime, due to just an emotional connection to it.
I love the characters, I love the setting, I love everything there is about it.
I’m really just not ready to actually start it and reveal it yet.

There is so much left to flesh out about the characters, setting, and story. I also just don’t feel like I’m mentally ready to take it on.
So it is on a pause.

Neverset (That superhero comic thing)

So remember when I started over and tried to write a super hero comic.
Yes, I do. I still have all the information saved in my brain about the characters, setting, and story.
Do I feel like carrying on with it? Yes. Am I? Maybe. When? I don’t know yet.
Probably when life settles in a little more and I know how to actually do it right.
So for right now, put it behind the green beans on the back burner.
Oh… they’re burnt? My bad.


This is the big one. My world. My baby. The magical place where all of the … umm… magic… happens. Shutup.
This is the thing I’ve redrawn until I finally got the map correct. Every detail on it scrutinized until I felt it looked the best it could be.
I have names, places, races, magic, some government.
Am I working on it? You bet! How often? Not so often.
Yes, I love my world. I could never abandon this.
This is definitely on the top of my list, and I don’t think I’ve posted any updates on it since… Holy crap on a … in a… Place where crap goes… Anyway, I haven’t updated you guys since like 2013 or so.
Definitely expect some posts showing the map, the land, the different techniques I’m trying, and some other things that you might like.
Such as a game you can play to make your own damn fantasy world.

Yup. It exists. Indeed is it fun.

That’s it people.

Keep it PC,


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Originally posted on Fragmented Escapism:

I’ve always had a weakness for coin. Some people say that it’s ruined me, but I like to think that it’s motivated me to…rise above my station.

When I was a boy my folks always told me, “Arthur, we make a modest living. We raise cattle, we sell cattle, and often times we eat cattle. It’s honest work for honest pay, and you should take pride in that.”

Shoveling cow shit and cutting wood for coppers more like. I never did care much for that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no layabout, but I don’t think a slaves wage for the greater part of a man’s life is a fair trade. Of course I might have kept on doing that, grumbling through life with a pitchfork and some tired house wife, but as it happens the fates are not so cruel. Not in that way at least.

A ways back…

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Where do stories start?

With my most recent venture into the written and drawn arts, I’m finding myself torn at ends with decisions on the writing.
The biggest problem I have when writing is where to start the story?
Obviously things begin at the beginning, but sometimes it honestly isn’t the place you feel is best to start.

I enjoy beginnings of stories. I like to see where an author thought was the best place to start a story and how they evolve it from there.

I love getting to points where the author reveals something, that you think is no big deal to the characters.
Then goes back and shows this thing and how it was put into fruition in the first place. In that moment you sit staring at it like “Oh my goodness, I know what happens and I can’t do anything. You are going to do this thing and it will end like this… “
You know, Dramatic Irony. I love it. I eat it up.
It’s something I always want to put into my works in some regard because I know people get hooked on it like a drug.
Anyway, it brings me to the whole nature of the point. Where do you start writing? Do you start at the beginning? Telling the story of the events as they happen and revealing everything as it comes along? Or do you start somewhere in the middle, revealing things and then going back to explain them to people making them so much more dramatic when you finally understand that the villian hates the hero because he knocked his ice cream out of his hands. Though you go back further to see why the hero did it in the first place. Like it was poisoned. So now you have this viewpoint at first, and then go forward later to see it in a different light.
What about those stories that start at what seems like the end. You know, the death of a character you haven’t yet met. As they explain how it all came to this? Flashing back to the beginning or the middle, or wherever they seem it important to start. At that point you sit through the entire experience waiting for the inevitable. You grow fondly for this character of whom you know will die at some point. You wonder when it will come. Why it will come. For what reason you have to lose this person you grow a deep caring sensation for that could be conditioned as love. Is that weird? Not really.
Where ever a person starts the story it always has it’s ups and downs.

Start at the beginning and you miss a lot of Dramatic Irony moments. But hey, maybe you’re not good at writing that kind of thing. You do get a lot of care put into your characters developments. People start to like them more because they feel like they’ve been with them for the entire journey. The hook for the story seems kind of weak.
Start in the middle and you get Dramatic Irony and you get just a bit of character caring, but not as much as you would get from starting at the beginning. You get kind of the best of both worlds. It does seem to have a better hook. You leave questions along the way such as why are they here? What is going on? Why is this a thing?
Then starting at the end. Can you really do that? I mean you technically go back to start at a different point anyway, but you are giving the readers a viewpoint into the distant future of the story to leave them with this dramatic irony that builds up and builds up. It seems to have all of the ups, and the only down side is everyone knows where it is going. The meta-reading in this point kills some stories. They come to some point where the character could die, but it wouldn’t be the same as the death at the beginning. You would over look it and be like “Oh they’ll make it. Then they will keep going and die somewhere else.” I mean it ruins the narrative a bit. But geez, does it hook a person. You care for the character the whole way through. You know they will eventually die, and you wonder if maybe they will get out of the situation pitched at the beginning. You know it will lead there and you ask, why is it there? What did they do? You see the things building up to said death. Though you know the entire time, they will die eventually.
I don’t know. I’m tired of writing about this. I feel like the start at the end thing is the strongest form, but it just holds that Meta for the reader. That is one thing that turns me off. Also, I don’t know where my story might lead. With that form you could end up writing yourself out of your own ending. Wouldn’t that be awkward?
I think people that write from the beginning can either not know anything about their story, or know everything about and still make a good story out of it.
People who write from the middle either don’t know enough, and want to discover it as they write, or they know just enough to get started. Like they know the beginning, they just don’t know the end. They also want the Dramatic Irony. (Sweet sweet Irony.)
And the people who start at the end obviously know their story from start to finish. Otherwise they hold the potential of messing themselves up as they go through it all.
I don’t know. Opinions?

I’m all out of text.

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Far to long

Long ago in a distant land… Eh… Once upon a time… no…

Look about a year and a half ago I started this blog to keep my mind busy trying to document the journey I was taking through my own nerdy adulthood. It really hasn’t been successful. I mean not by any means I set. I haven’t posted much. I make empty promises I never keep. I do what I always do. Decide to “Devote my time” to a new project and then when a new idea pops up I “put it on the back burner”. I don’t know how many back burners I have but this stove must be huge. Either that or my kitchen is full of dried out and ruined dishes that I would literally have to just start over to get back into them. Most are so old and disgusting, covered in mold and dust, that I don’t even remember what they were supposed to be.
So in this I think it represents a part of the essence of what I see as DisClever. Too big a concept to comprehend devoting time to a singular objective.
I’ve started this process before, and I’ll tell you how it ends. I will post for a month or two, forget one post and end up stopping for another 4-5 months, every day looking at my homepage, as it pops up when I open a web browser, and seeing how forgotten the blog is. My last post was about Ameliorate and the Infinite Dungeon and let me tell you I did actually start on this one and am still working on it.

What happened was a big slap of life. My Pathfinder group fell apart, which left me without a creative source to draw into and out of. My Fiance and I moved into a new house. Her car blew up. (Technically it was just the head gasket, so it is just really expensive to fix.) All in all I have just felt a huge drain on creative juices. I’m trying to get back into it.
I guess I just need time.

Though, I will tell you what has happened to Ameliorate, for those who care.
I wrote the first chapter. I drew several comics. Then reached a wall. I realized “Oh my Deities! Where can I possibly go?” It wasn’t a small hiccup. It was a major thing. A design flaw in the loop of the fabric of my comic. I would have to literally unwrite my mistake and live with it from that point. What I ended with was an idea to just scrap it and start over. Bold move that would mean the undoing of all I’ve done anyway. I just felt it was a better move. I like what I’ve started writing, and hopefully when I decide to start posting it here youw ill too.
When I was writing it beforehand I had started it where the story begins. With Ame and Clark entering the dungeon and doing stuff. The problem with this is I have to establish everything right then. Establish why they are doing this, what is going on, who this person is and what they are dealing with. It is something that needs to be done at some point anyway, but I didn’t have all of it established yet. I was working with stuff I would either ruin it at the beginning or destroy it at the end. So with starting over I am technically using a writing technique that leaves more open room. I am starting in the middle. By doing so I am able to just drop you in with these characters. Let you learn about them. Let them do some things that establish a sense of where they are. Drop hints of things around. Then when the time comes, flashback or do an origin story to tell what happened at the beginning. Doing this allows for a bigger surprise when you read where it all came from. The jokes, the characters, the concept that grew to this point.
If everything goes through correctly, then I should have the first comic, and a new cover page, around… the April 25th. How about that? I will release the cover page on April 25th.
If I forget, then … You can feel really disappointed in me, as I will in myself.
If I somehow bulk up and get the first comic out then too, then Yay! Maybe I can start a pattern and we can get this show on the road.

Anyway, Long story short, or as the kids say TL:DR, I am a lazy person. I will try and get something done that people will want to read or look at, and you can count on it.


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Cover page.


Ive almost finished the cover page, and I’ve already written. Most of the first chapter. Now ive just got some drawing and inking to do and Infinite Dungeon will be live.

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