The Beginning of Sofer

Hero’s are not born from acts, they are born from stories.

With these stories, the acts are shown, and the characteristics of heroism is born.

Though not all stories represent heroes.

Stories are merely stories.

The fictional bypass of the inspired, finding release and comfort in the ideas of something better.

So the question begs: Can a Hero exist without a story?

His acts would go on to be forgotten, lost in the endless amount of time that swallow it as a fat king and his likely poisoned dessert.

So why?

Why become a Hero when your possibility for greatness could amount to a nothing more than a ripple in an ocean.

Yes, true, ripples can become waves, waves can become tides, and tides eventually reach beaches.


That is the word. The word that proves it all.

A ripple that does not become a wave disappears.

Does not become a tide, does not reach the beach.

So that is what that hero becomes.

A ripple swallowed by a wave who becomes swallowed by the tide who could erupt into a storm destroying everything near the beach.

So why?

In my case,

I had nothing better to do.



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