The creation of Yorick.

So, using the pathfinder system I am trying to create my Changeling Swordmage Yorick Sofer.

I know a Magus is basically a swordmage, I just don’t know if I want to make him a Magus.

They have limited spells and I don’t feel it would be right to keep 3 levels of spells and a limited spellbook away from him. Also I don’t feel any of the class features fit him. It would be awesome to be able to enchant my weapon with points from an arcana pool, but at the same time I would love all of my spells.

I am thinking either Sorcerer/Fighter or Wizard/Fighter. Sorc would let me choose a bloodline, which might end up being his abberation bloodline. Wizard would allow me to choose either to universalist or conform to one school of magic. Fighter allows him to have a BAB and weapon proficiency.


If anyone has suggestions please make them.

Feel happy to have them.


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