Writing A Campaign

I’ve taken a small break from DM’ing so I can actually play in a few games. (The last time I “Played” was the previous November.)

In this time I am not only allowing my Girlfriend the attempt DM’ing, but also taking time to actually write a campaign setting.

The last few sessions and campaigns I ran were all on the fly, improvised, no big story campaigns.

I had a hard time getting players into any sort of Quest.

They mostly enjoyed just roaming around the world and doing… nothing.

They went from town to town, asking for jobs in places that have none.

Players: “We leave this large harbor town and go to the small hamlet down the way. What jobs are there?”

Me: “Umm… Woodcutting?”

Players: “N0, What Quests?”

Me: “Talk to people.”

Players: “We go to the inn.”

Me: “What inn. Its a Hamlet. There are probably 23 people here. Who needs or starts an inn?”

Players: “Ugh, then we go talk to somebody.”

Me: “A passerby, or do you just knock on doors?”

Players: “I don’t know. Knock on doors.”

Me: “Yeah, nobody answers the doors for he first few, and when you finally get to one that answers it’s a young man, around mid 30’s.”

Players: “I ask him if he has any work for us.”

Me: ” ‘ Umm, not specifically, since I don’t know who you are.’ He says looking at you all strange. ‘ We don’t have much for passerby to help us with. Well, nothing we’d pay them for.’ ”

Players: “KthxBye”

Yes I realize I could have put a “There are a group of goblins/kobolds/bugbears/orcs/giants/etc. Could you take care of them? I’ve got gold/coin/magical item/shiny.”

But do you realize how cliche that is? They expect that. They go into town expecting an easy job like that. So why give it to them? Especially in these small towns.

But I digress.

I just feel I need to finally write a campaign that loops them all together, and makes them feel the need to travel and focus on a quest or a goal.

I guess I gave up on that due to the fact that the first few parties I DM’d with a pre-written campaign decided to entirely ignore what was going on. They decided to ignore every hint and push I gave them without railroading to get them on the main quest only to travel the world, get bored, and shelf the campaign.

Hopefully this one should get my new parties attention and make history as my first Real campaign.


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