Character Recycling and Cameo’s

For Dungeon Masters and players alike will know what I mean when I talk about cherished or recycled characters. When that time comes when you need a hook or need a character concept, and you decide to use either your old character, or something attaching yourself to him. Some GM’s I know, including myself, actually have a character of theirs who without actually doing it rules the world. He may not be a God, but he watches and keeps the balance, or screws it all over. Either way, we’ve all been there. Im at the point of trying to decide if I want to beat a long dead horse and connect my campaign to my first great character Yorick Sofer, or do another less popular character like Jack Casanova. (After the Heath Ledger and David Tennant versions.) I could mix it all up with a screwball mix of Cameo’s, and make it easy and fun. What is your opinion on character Cameo’s?


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