Changing the life of others

I remember when I first started playing D&D it changed my view of the world around me. It also helped me cope with a lot that was facing.
It opened numbers to say the least, and allowed me to be the “true” me.
I feel I should share what D&D did to me with other kids who I know are in a similar situation.
I grabbed a kid who is the little brother to my girlfriends best friend and decided to bring him into my game.
I decided this about the time I heard his mother express ” He said he doesn’t know what he wants to do in life, he just wants to exist.”
I had been there, and it was right before I started D&D.
Hopefully this will help guide the kid and hopefully give him some idea of what there is out there other than the 9-5 jobs.
Brilliant kid, might end up writing a book or working for wizards or something.

But I highly digress,
I Will be starting a series of posts documenting not only the gameplay and character progression through the game, but the players progression and feelings towards my new module Ive put together for them.
It is still a working title but so far Ive named it…
The Aberrant’s Bastion.
The Strangers Keep.
Hope everyone will enjoy.

Thanks for reading,
Comments and Questions go below,
And check out some of my other work.

Yorick Sofer


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