Day 1: Capitols & Countries!


Today marks the day I begin documentation of the naming of countries in Mythe. I started by bordering countries according to country lines and river borders. All this was done on a higher layer of tracing paper allowing me to write on my map without further corrupting the original.


Pretty Bad Huh? But I digress, I then flipped through the 10 pages of names I have listed in a small notebook I keep labeled “Mythe”.


There are right now 200 out of 1056 names written down that I’ve considered for naming. It makes it difficult. I’ve still got a bit of progress to go. Hopefully I can finish this tonight, you know, after work. Maybe some more names will come by me. Anyway, Thanks for reading! Make sure to hit the follow button if you want to keep up with my journey and even join in. Comments and Questions are always welcome as well! Cheers! The Guy.


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