Divine Intervention: Gods stay in your place!

I’m going to start this post off with a story of my first time.
What!? No! Why would I share that!
Because Instead of talking about the blood soaked room with a succubus of a woman flying around me as I lay chained to an inverted pentagram, I’ll be talking about my first tabletop experience. Which if I had the choice on which I’d prefer to re-enact, I’d take the previous option.
But I digress, The story starts in 11th grade where I’ve just been informed that one of my best friends, who we’ll call Brian, is in a D&D game. I’d been looking for a group for a while, so I was ecstatic.
That Friday I showed up at the game with Brian and met the rest of the group. Victor, of whom’s house we were playing at, Aaron, of whom is a freak, John, cousin and lackey to the DM, and PJ, the DM. I went to school with most of the group already, so I only met Victor and Aaron for the first time.
Despite Brian asking ahead of time about my joining, PJ threw a fit about having to introduce a new character. After a 20 minute argument between Brian, Victor, PJ, and finishing off with Victor’s mom,I started as a level 3 elf ranger, instead of a level 1 human warrior of who would be found naked with no belongings and be 2 levels behind everyone.
I came into the group in game in a surprising fashion, just as I did in real life.
The DM wanted me to just pop in and be done with it, I preferred to tail the party until combat and pop out to help. After another 20 minute argument between me, PJ, the rest of the party, and finishing once more with Victor’s mom I was tailing the party until they were attacked by Worgs. I jumped out of a nearby tree and attacked, hitting both with critical hits before I touched the ground,only to have 3 turns into combat have PJ say, ” Oh, these Worgs are the level 10 ones. There is NO WAY you guys can handle these.” …
Really? There were two of them and one was about to be taken down. None of us had really gotten hurt badly. But no, instead of ramping down the challenge, he GIVES US THE WORGS!
Now I bet you’re wondering, “What!? Why!? How!?”
This is the moral of the story, he had the God of the flamboyant cleric Aaron to appear to everyone but Brian’s and my character because “Your Athiests”. I’m Pagan. Brian actually is athiest. Nonetheless! That’s an OOC position of mind.
Anyway, we can’t hear or see the God granting us two level 10 Worgs that are now our own personal servants.
1: I would think if a God saw two people who don’t believe in gods they would still appear in a way to convert.
2: Gods appearing in the wilderness to help random adventurers seems odd. If they were on some mystical quest to do something against an evil god, the evil god could apparently just appear and kill off the two atheists without them knowing he’s there!
3: How do you send Level 10 Worgs at a party of Level 3’s and let them keep them as pets afterwards!?

That game was full of stupid and inconsistencies. Later on I would seduce a tiefling Warlock of the opposing side with a lute I’d placed on my character sheet before printing.
PJ was upset he didn’t catch it when looking it over, and after another 20 min. argument between me, PJ, Brian, and decided by Victor’s Mom, I got to play my lute.
Now I was on fire, and after making 3 fort saves and a Nat 20 on lute playing I made the evil Tiefling fall in love with me.
Only to have that God reappear and kill her, and give us a wagon.

Now, the whole shabang is over, what are your thoughts on Divine Interventions, and do you feel they are effective tools for a DM?

I feel it’s a bit of a DM cheat to do 2 things…
Save characters from stupid.
Keep the characters on track. Like, railroad tracks. (Toot toot!)
I honestly believe my gods shouldn’t interfere with characters.
Now I do have a cleric houserule which works like a wish spell but a bit different.
Clerics can pray to their God in a time of need and depending on, what the character asks for, the cleric level, and how much they truly need it I normally make something happen near to their need.
Example: Cleric, surrounded by enemies, low on health, prays to their God for help. I may make them spot a bottleneck buried in the dirt which reveals to be a cure serious potion. Or a wand is stuck in the hands of a nearby corpse which reveals to be a wand of a helpful spell with one charge left.

That’s as far as mine goes. It is a bit of divine Intervention while still retaining the “that was just you spotting it and wanting to believe”. Its also not overused, as it is frequented the God stops giving so the cleric can learn from mistakes.

Honestly though, Divine Interventions are a no-no for me. Due to the fact it smells railroads and planned far ahead storylines.


Yorick Sofer


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