To whom respect is given

I’m going to go ahead and reach out my appreciation to those doing this 2,000 words per day challenge.
Honestly, I can’t do it. I actually tried the other day sitting down and writing something.
Even this is very stressing on the brain cells that are awake and trying to process what I’m doing.
I believe I only got to 356 words before I just stopped. Which in all I believe the 356 told a decent little bit of what I was going for.

I used to write in high school. Had two books that I was working on. One was a collaboration with a good friend of mine of whom was not so great at writing, but with fleshing out details.
That is where I lack. I can come up with the Big Picture, beyond that I get lost in the “How? When? Where?” details. We were doing great! Then things happened… You know, the things that happen in peoples lives. My religious belief’s changed, my interest in the topic of the book suddenly ended, I had already made myself believe the writing itself was crap, and the final cherry on top of that was my friend telling me my idea was “Unoriginal”. That hurt.

But I digress, I honestly just wanted to talk about this 2k word challenge.

While I give complete respect to all doing it, and hope that you are rewarded for your efforts, I wonder about that eternal battle.
Quantity vs. Quality.

As I was trying to spew out the words to make that brief one page document I call a story, I found that if I hurried and tried to just describe the scene with as many words and flash details or useless hooptidoodle. I found myself bumming myself out re-reading it for most of it just was not important to the scene.

Sure I could use an entire paragraph to summarize the character’s thoughts on the state of the room compared to the moonlight which kept it lit. I could even write a page on the contents of the room and if they were dirty or not. Though, when I actually just deleted the entire thing I had written and gave the base analysis of what was going on, I found I felt it explained everything a bit better.

Who knows, maybe I’m just not great when it comes to writing stories. That’s what my significant other is good at. I mean I’ve been editing pieces since I was 16, and that is what I was always great at.

Maybe it’s just my style. People say I have more of a conversational writing style than a author of a book kind of style. Don’t know how to describe that any better.

Eh, who cares. At least I gave it a try. I’ll probably go back and write some more on it later.

I mean, I love the story I had going. It’s kind of a satirical piece. Based off of an idea I had for a webcomic that I never got around to doing.
That’s a tale for another post.

Anyway, full respect to those doing the 2k challenge. Maybe I’ll get up to trying writing when my brain is working on full capacity (Like it ever is.).


Yorick Sofer


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