Mapping a Tree.

So for those that read this blog, or know me out of the words on this screen, you know that I’m an amateur cartographer.
Translation: I draw maps.

They’re hand drawn, and I’ve yet to learn everything I need to create better maps.
Anyway, the dilemma I have reached is about a topic breached in a previous post.
Having a big tree in the world.
Now saying there is a big tree there… that’s easy.
Explaining how big it is, how far you can see it from, and actually mapping it is a whole new ballpark.
I mean this isn’t just a tall tree… This is a giant fucking weeping willow! Swaying branches, beautiful if you appreciate its naturalness, and I’ve never seen a giant weeping willow.
I’m thinking 1-3 miles in diameter trunk. Height is difficult due to the “How high could it be before it was structurally unsafe?”
Also having a Metropolis living inside and on the branches, this could get compli



That’s my current project, and suggestions would be appreciated.


Yorick Sofer


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