Skull-Kid: The Unfinished Comic

Skull-Kid: The Unfinished Comic

Hey! Remember that one drawing I posted a few posts back about Skull-Kid?
The little skull guy that I have been drawing forever?
Well, I got up off the bruised fat muscle I call an ass and decided to sit back down and draw it.
This is it! … sort of…
See I haven’t exactly added the words to it yet.
But! I have the drawing…
I’ll post the finished version once I figure out how I want the words to look…
You know…
Font, text size, location of the box, how the box looks, how big it is, what color the inside is, what color the outside is, if it is a text bubble or an actual box, bla bla bla…
Choices, am I right?
Anyway. Hope you enjoy the first glance at this before hand look at it.
I’m looking for input and insight on what you think, so critiques and such are welcome.
Also! If you click the picture it should take you to my deviantart where you can see my maps and other crude scribbles I call drawing…


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