The Liebster Award


So, I’ve been nominated for this … LobsterLiebster Award.
Thanks for the nomination LottieEaton!

There are four rules to the award:

1) Share four facts about yourself.

2) Answer the awarder’s questions about you

3) Ask 11 questions for your nominees to answer

4) Pick 11 people for the award.

First some facts about me…

Number 1: I’m a huge Nerd. Surprised? You really shouldn’t be.

Number 2: I have conversations with myself in different voices for fun. I actually have dreams of having my own self-podcast or radio show.

Number 3: I aspire to being a voice actor for Cartoons or Anime.

Number 4: I am obsessed with tabletop gaming.

Extras: I work at a game store. Style my hair after David Tennant. I use a different name on wordpress than my actual name. I bit my nails, don’t drink coca cola, hate the taste of water, studied zombie apocalypse survival for 2 years, and don’t remember some of my own life.  Last but not least, I am Pagan.

Answers to Questions from my Nominator:

1) What is the biggest thing you’re proud of doing in your life?

Thing is I actually put myself down so much, that I actually am not really proud of anything I’ve done. If I had to name something though… It would probably be my relationship with my girlfriend. She’s my best friend, and my soulmate. How could I be more proud of anything else?

2) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

I would either choose Ireland, the UK, or somewhere in Europe. Probably Ireland for the history and beauty. Same for UK.

3) Do you watch cartoons on TV?


4) If yes to the above, what’s your favourite one? (I love them, so this will interest me hugely.)

… To be honest… Toss up between Adventure Time and … *Sigh* My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

5) Where do you write?

Mostly in the shower. I think better with Irish Drinking songs playing and water running over my head.

6) Are you as obsessed with technology as me? (I am very).

I guess I know that I would hate to not have a lot of the technology I have now. My laptop contains most of my life on it. My phone makes life easier. I could live without it, but it definitely makes life more interesting and a ton better.

7) What is your biggest craving food?

Pepperonis and Mustard… My god that shoots me back to the days when my family owned and lived in a pizza restaurant… I love Pepperonis and Mustard sandwiches.

8) Why did you sign up to WordPress?

I wanted to have a really interesting blog about Tabletop Gaming. Thought I would find more people than I did. At first it was a failure, it’s slowly started getting better. I also feel that I need a place to share my thoughts and ideas with people who have like-minded interests. Plus, WordPress looks and feels classier and more professional than Blogger.

9) What kind of stuff do you write?

Fantasy Fiction and Sci Fi. Same stuff I read. It’s what I know best.

10) If you can’t be a writer, what would you want to be?

A radio talent, or voice actor for cartoons and anime.

11) What was your favourite childhood toy?

My Simba Doll. I have had it since I was 1 year old. It still sits on my shelf and is my prized possession.

Now, 11 questons for my Nominees!

1.) Do you read any types of books? If so, what kind? If not, why so?

2.) Are there any actors/actresses you admire? Who is it?

3.) Are there any bands you enjoyed “Before they got big” and don’t want to admit it from fear of being a “Hipster”?

4.) If you died tomorrow, what quote would you want to be remembered for?

5.) What artistic medium do you believe your best at? Multiple answers are fine.

6.) You have received a time machine! You can go anywhere in time and do anything! Where, when, who, what, why?

7.) There is an island where you can desert one person from the face of this planet on, who is it?

8.) Ever Played a Table Top Game? (D&D, Pathfinder, Gurps, etc.)

9.) Favorite Tabletop Game Class? Or for those not tabletop nerds… Favorite video game?

10.) Favorite character from Fiction? Why them?

11.) The biggest question of all….

Cake … OR … Pie?

Nominee’s (Sorry if you have over 200 followers. I didn’t know!)

The Kraken’s Wake

The Iron Tavern

Micah Blackburn (You actually have my Older Brother’s First name.)


Stranger Sojourns

Mr. Sharp’s Gaming Emporium

Unrepentant Gamer

That’s it!


Yorick Sofer


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