Much To Write about Nothing

I’ve been lost.

Well, in a metaphorical sense of the word.

I haven’t had anything to write about due to the overall nothingness that is filling my life right now. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not depressed, and there isn’t a void I need filled. I just don’t have anything going on.

Well, that is incorrect. I have things going on, they just don’t relate to the subject of this blog at all.
I also don’t feel like I should be one of those people that just posts things on the blog about my life so people can read them. People don’t care that much. Even if they do, that is creepy.

Either way, I have a new development for all of you roleplayers, authors, or enthusiasts.

I recently braved the land of Google+ and evaded all of the “Blogger” and “Hangouts” that were thrown my way. In this land of dirty sheep and senseless blog-a-holics, I found a small gem that would make me rethink my initial thoughts that the land I had entered was empty and forgotten by time. It still is of course, but you get my point.

In my searches, I found a small game that would change my cartography days into days of fun and creativity. I found Dawn of the Worlds. 
I wish I could find the post so I could at least link the original creator and poster, but it was swallowed by the over posting that plagues the land.

I do have the pdf file though. I would be happy to share it at some point.

I will give you a brief description of what the game entails.

You get together with a couple of friends, possibly more than a couple due to the idea of the game, and you all gather around a large sheet of paper. You all have pencils and smaller pieces of paper to record things that happen. One or all of you are declared the Scribes and that person is to write down what happens each round.

The first person, or creator of the world, draws the initial land mass. Then all of you spend points, which you gain each round by rolling dice, to create things in the world. You build the mountains, rivers, forests, races, cities, and everything in between.

You are the gods. You decide what goes in the world, how it is introduced, and what happens to it from that point on.
The purpose of the game is not to win, but to create a neat and creative world that has a nice history as well as overall look to it.

While I don’t think my words really do it justice, I am overall looking forward to playing it and will give you guys some enchanted portraits of me and my party playing the game and what world we create.

Thanks for reading. 
Sorry for my Absence.


The Guy


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