Dream Journal #1: Merlin the dreamweaver

I normally don’t dream, but when I do it is strange and full of weirdness.
I felt I should try to record my dreams the best I can, and maybe you all would get a kick out of them. I will start that due to the fact of loss of memory with dreams happens within a minute of waking up, and I’m far past that point. About 47% of this will be made up to fill in gaps between what I remember.


I wake up on, what I can only describe as, a tree platform. Technically its planks laid out to make a floor on tree branches.
I seem to be wearing strange clothes, a blue vest on tan shirt and pants. A rope belt and old style cloth shoes.
To be honest I look like a wizard who would prefer not to wear a robe.
After giving the place a look-around, and discovering that I can’t see the ground due to fog, I take a rope bridge to the next branch.
On arrival to the next branch I see its beside a cliff face. Yay! I thought. A cliff means a way down. As I neared a man stood upon the rocks above, around 25 feet above me. He held a wood staff in one hand and glowed with a faint sparkle. The man asked my destination. I stated not here. The man chuckled and asked how I would get there. I gave a shrug and asked if he could help. He moved his free, and now glowing, hand in a pointing gesture at me. I stood and waited to see what he did. I then felt myself drifting to sleep. (Dream within a dream, huh?)
This time I awoke in a cave. I held a sword and shield in my hands and wore half-plate on my person. All of it looked like it was made of glass. I walked through the dark cave to find it illuminated by my armor. As I reached the end of the tunnel a new shield was in the center of the room in a beam of light.
As if my entrance triggered an alarm three poorly dressed tribal people (Not a racist) appeared with clubs and wooden spears.
They attacked me only to have one die by my sword and another crack my shield with his club. I attacked again and had my sword parried and damaged. I blocked the next blow with my shield throwing his club and arm away when he struck, and finishing him with a riposte to the chest. The last man came at me with spear in hand. I blocked each thrust with my shield only to have a further crack come from each area he hit. Then the shield gave in and he slipped a thrust on off balance me into the side of my armor, cracking it up the side. As his spear lay embedded in my armor I took the chance and chopped the stick in half. He withdrew with a small pole and surprised look. I ripped the rest of the spear out and advanced. Parrying his weak swing with the ease of blowing out a candle and slicing his neck with a swing that broke my sword on impact. Embedding shards of glass in his trying to scream face.
I left him and grabbed the new shield. A light steel shield with the crest of a lions head, mid roar, upon it. I felt powerful, strapping it to my left arm. Until light overtook me and I woke up once again in the treetops. The man was gone and in his place two tribal men holding clubs approached my body, another with a spear stood at the top of the rocks. I waited until the men got close, hoping they’d leave me be thinking I’m dead. Then the searing pain in my left hand kicked in. I couldn’t turn my head to look but obviously was something big because the men stopped in their tracks and readied their clubs. I looked over and saw, branded on my left hand, a lions head. I stood up thinking they wouldn’t just walk by me at this point. Then I realized that I was weaponless. Even glass weapons would be nice right now.
One of the men charged with his club. I jumped away and put my hands up in surrender. He kept coming until I got to the bridge. Then the other joined him. They both followed me carefully across the rope bridge. I stopped midway still trying to tell them I give up. They both stared and waited. Looking down in fright and gripping the rope with a free hand.
They’re scared of heights. I realize. So I grab both rope sides of the bridge and start rocking it. The tribal men go crazy, one drops his club to hold on, and the other, trying to run back, trips on a board and falls over. Grabbing the side of the bridge as he goes the bridge turns on its side and I hold on for dear life as the bridge flips. I grip the rope railing and see both figures get swallowed by the mist as they fall. I then proceed to slowly shimmy my way to the side I woke up first on.
After climbing up I try to flip the bridge despite my force I realize I can not. I look to find I’ll have to walk across the upside down bridge.
As I am going across I see the spear wielder is at the other side. He sees me and readies to throw his spear. I doubt he would miss with his experience, and as a reflex I hold up my hand to possibly shield the spear. It flies dead on and with the sound of a lion’s roar splinters to pieces. The mark on my hand glowed and the sound of the roar rung in my ears. The tribesman stared at me in frustration and astonishment. He looked down and started pulling on the bridge, and I could feel it flipping. I quickly moved my body opposite the movement of the bridge and fell across the ropes as it flipped. I landed on my back on the bridge and quickly scrambled to my feet on the upright bridge. The man moved in screaming and holding what seemed to be a bone dagger. I tried to mimic the previous effect I had pulled with no avail. He swung a few times and I continued to jump back on the bridge. I lost my balance with the swinging bridge and he dug the dagger into my shoulder. Once again hearing the sound of that lion, I felt a force extend from me as I saw the man blow back on the bridge. I ran to him to see him frightened. I drew the dagger from my arm with a yelp, and tossed it off the bridge. I looked into his eyes and stepped over him.

Skipping what I don’t remember that well, I went to the wall and climbed a rope that extended from the top. Must of been how they got down here safely. I grabbed the rope and started walking my way up the wall. Looking back the tribesman didn’t seem to be on the bridge anymore.  I followed the mountain pass that I found on the top until I got to what seemed to be a shanty town of houses. Suspended on the side of mountain and in the branches of trees. I sighed knowing this was something I didn’t want to deal with.

This is where it also gets fuzzy and I just remember that I end up acquiring some dragon tattoo on my right hand that allows me to throw fire out of my hand. It takes the place of my sword in the dream. I also get nice set of plate armor in my dream that takes the place of my clothes in real life giving me robes.  I also seem to run into my significant other, Devin. She is in leather armor and wielding a rapier and buckler. She is killing tribes-people left and right. Seeing me she looks happy, as if she found what she was looking for. She then ends up for some reason killing a woman who I call mother, though she doesn’t look like my mother. She looks to be a black haired woman in a distraught dress. Ravens fall around her throne as well as do tribesmen. We end up fighting off the tribes-people with the team effort we expect from each other. Both surprised at each others new weapons and skill. My magic, her steel.

Devin ends up sending a spear right through my “Mother’s” heart as she reared up to kill us with a spell. After doing so she raised the skeletons of the people we had just killed before she gave her last breath. We barely escape before the man who appeared thrice to give me the magic I am using. He explains himself to by myself and that this was the first test I would take on my steps to become him. This was merely a memory he had sent me into of what I would face. Then I wake up.

So to recap. I am a version of Merlin. I sent myself into a memory to test my past self to make sure he is ready to face what I already faced.

It was weird.



The Guy



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