White Blank Page

As I once again open the hinged pad of keys and global communications, I find myself lost at words.

I find myself constantly blocked to do things that I set out to complete. Not by obstacles like time, physical needs, or money.

I find myself in the way. I find a wall that stands between me and what I want to do.

I tried to draw. I sat and tried to draw. I started with basic things. I found I couldn’t even draw something I’ve done a thousand times. I tried to write. No words would reach the page. I even turned on music in an attempt to create a stimulus. I still don’t feel good. Mumford & Sons, Bastion’s Soundtrack, even some random other stuff. It is sad when even my Irish Drinking Song station can’t pick me up…

I feel like a gray smudge of dis-creativity. I can’t create.

I want to make worlds, cities, people. I want to make things that will go on to make something people will either enjoy or be inspired by. 

I feel as if I need to get out of my own world for a while. I need to get into another world and see how it feels. 

Wow, I just went back to D&D. Ugh… It seems my mind revolves around that. 

I just want my creativity back. 

I just don’t know where to find it. 


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