Recollections: Proudest D&D Moment

A while back I shared a story about bad DM’s and a bit about my First game. (See Divine Intervention: Gods stay in your Place!)This isn’t that. I had started DM’ing right after I started playing the game. I never really got to play either due to scheduling or lack of games.
Well, after 2 years of DM’ing I joined a college tabletop club and made some actual friends. No offense to those I played with.
Anyway, I joined a 2nd edition game run by a DM with around 15 years experience. I didn’t know how to play that version ( and I’ll admit that I still don’t.) and I was playing with 3 experienced players and 2 newbs like me.
Our experienced party consisted of a Female Human Paladin, Male Dwarf Cleric, and Male Human Cavalier. Our newbs were a Male Half-Elf Rogue ( Named “Legolan”), a female elf rogue, and me. A Male Half-Elf Wizard of Prometheus. “The Torch Bearer”. For after my spell was used, its all I was good for.
Anyway, we adventurer far, claiming myself a drow spellbook, drow boots (auto 75% silent step) and drow cloak (auto 75% hide in shadows). I was happy. I even got my way to Level 6 within 5-8 sessions. Me, Myself, and the party had begun to hate the two thieves. No one could prove they were doing wrong though, so everyone left it alone.
Then we came across a town with a landmark of the DM’s world. The Tavern of Tales. A tavern of Loki with a pocket dimension in the center. Unbreakable viewing glass sat around this empty pocket. Well, empty except for one thing. A chest.
The rules? You pay a gold, you get locked in. You’re trapped in until you open the box and reveal, defeat, or die from your prize.. Then a d100 is rolled. 50-50 chance of good or bad. Instant death, boons of the gods, wishes, anything! Sounds great, and terrifying. Especially the 3 experienced players who had characters witness its creation. Not to 3 newbs though. The elf rogue went in first. I and my “friend”, Legolan, sat with the party and watched. She nearly died as dire spiders poisoned her. Her body was brought to us and the good cleric payed for her antidote and cure spells.
Meanwhile, I tell Legolan that with my magic and his bow we could face whatever comes out, or split the treasure. Not one to give up a chance of loot, we decide we’ll go in. Then the other rogue wakes up to immediately want to try again. The cleric says unless the gods tell him to, he won’t resurrect them again. As we go in I talk the rogue into joining us, and Legolan into allowing it. I go behind them because I’m the squishy-est. As we walk in we pay the doorman a gold each, and the two rogues step in. I use my Silent Step to turn around and leave flipping the doorman another gold to shut it. The two hated rogues didn’t catch my ruse until they were locked in.
They were furious, and that grew when the DM rolled and the dimension became larger to accomadate the elder green dragon that popped out. He killed the two without even a fight.
In case they survived, I ran telling the cleric the two thieves stole my money to go in again. He wanted a reason, now he had one.
Of course being newbs the DM felt bad and pulled Divine intervention to allow Loki to pop into his inn and subdue the dragon to get the already dead thieves.
He brought them to us and told the cleric he would revive them if someone would owe him a favor. Something you don’t want to owe Loki. On that note I stripped all weapons from the two bodies and hid them. Then hearing the part about favors, I offered Loki my deal.
I would owe two favors if he would bind them both to owe me one. Oh the players faces. We cut off their pinkies, because the were thieves, and Loki accepted. Stamping with their blood a contract that left them both magically in my debt.
As the came to life, they looked around, found me and tried to draw their weapons that weren’t there. As they went to pummel me Loki stopped them and told them of the arrangement made.
The continued to pursue trying to kill me, then I ordered the rogue to kill Legolan knowing he’d win. He dispatched her and tried to kill me again. I ordered him to kill himself. Therefore ridding the party of two really bad thieves.
In the end I won.
In my own way, I guess.


8 thoughts on “Recollections: Proudest D&D Moment

  1. Well played. I’ve been lucky in my teammates thus far, The worst I’ve had to deal with is people constantly being late to sessions.


  2. Love it! We’ve had many good moments with D and D, although last week had an incredibly sad moment where a teammate was beheaded… to make it even worse the music from Boromir’s death was playing! (Our DM is pretty flashy with audio-visual extras!) I’ve just made a blog/shop selling cartoony D&D stuff and thought you might like to take a look? 🙂 keep up the blog! 🙂


    1. That sounds horrible, yet exciting! Your DM really knows how to keep it interesting.
      I checked out the shop. Very cool so far.
      Really like the stuff you’ve got on there!


      1. Yeah it was! Definitely some teary moments! It’s his first DM so he’s doing pretty well with it. Thank you! Glad you like it 🙂


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