The Power of 21


So every since I was little I had noticed the number 21 popping up in my everyday life. Commonly I would find the answer to questions on pages ending in 21. I would find 21 being the number on the hotel room door. It was also in my address, and even in the last four digits of my Social Security Number!
I could not escape this magical number that plagued my life. Then as I got older I told my mother about it. As it turned out my mother had this same affliction as a young adult. She has been followed by this number on several of occasions.

Even my mother was plagued by the fascination with this magical number that followed us around. I understand that psychology points out that people seem to recognize patterns, or make patterns in which none exist. As in someone drives a Yellow Car. That person will notice cars of the same make more often than other cars, and will notice cars of the same color as well. On top of that, people will notice cars of the same make and color and will actually remember those more vividly than those of just one distinguishing factor.

I’m speaking gibberish. I don’t even understand myself. Let us get back to the subject at hand.


I still see it everywhere. It haunts me to know that I will probably never NOT see it. I feel like it means something. That the number is of some significance to me that I will never know. Then again, that is just that lust for adventure and fantasy that I hold dear coming out.

Oh, by the way, that picture is actually a picture I just took of the number I received at a restaurant to await my food. It is also the thing that sparked this post.

Now, I have take certain aspects of the number 21 to see if they mean anything.

Ever looked up the words for numbers in other languages? Well I do. One thing I have recently figured out by this is that the Number 42 (The Answer to the Ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything) if separated into the numbers 4 and 2 and translated to Japanese Shi and Ni translate to the word Death. So the Answer to the question of life is death. That is just something I’ve recently discovered by doing this.

Now with 21 it is a bit more problematic. 2 and 1 don’t actually translate that well into a word that can be put together. Also the words for 21 are always long and can’t be deciphered to anything but 21. Maybe I’m looking to far into a number which really isn’t that important. Just wait though. Someday this number will be needed. I don’t know when, but when it is. I probably won’t be there to give it just because I’m not that important.

Anyway, now I just dismiss it as a lucky number and look to it as good fortune in my day. That’s another thing our minds do. Time will eventually break down the barrier to make you accept that which originally scared you.


The Guy



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