To err is not, for characters.

You know what makes a good character? Humanity.
The idea of a character…
is to relate to people by acting as if human.
I mean, people will freak out if something is “nonhuman”. By adding things like murder, strange behaviors, or even just looking strange a character can make our heads flip.
Not because we hate those things, but because our mind processes it as not human.
Thats not what I want to talk about though. Well… not exactly…
I want to talk about mistakes. We all make them. I even know a few people who are considered such. Beside the point, it’s human nature to make mistakes.
So why don’t characters? I’m not talking about big mistakes. Characters make plenty of those.
I’m talking about scatter brain mistakes. Mumbling, saying the wrong word, messing up when speaking. Honestly, characters I see are constantly on top of everything they say. To me it seems inhuman to be perfect with everything you say.
Have you ever been talking to someone and said a word wrong for no reason, and corrected yourself? The other person might of even caught it, and you shared a laugh at your mispronunciation of the word. Maybe you talk fluently and perfectly. Maybe I’m wrong, and everyone around me and myself are missing a few screws and have impediments of the vocal anomaly called speech.
Who knows?
I’m just saying, it would be nice and interesting to read that bit of humanity in characters. To find that even they don’t have an understanding of the situation.
Because honestly, thats what it feels like. Characters who always have perfect speech seem to have a firm grip over the situation. Yet, they act surprised when something happens.
That’s my shpeal for now.


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