Where have I been?

It has been over a month and a half since I last posted something.

I’m not going to make this one of those long “My life took a wrong turn and now I plan to get back on track on here.” kind of posts. 

I’m just going to tell you what happened.

I got a new job. Now working two jobs. Haven’t really had any time to do anything, especially play D&D. It hurts my heart that I can’t.

I also haven’t had any time to post on here. I am going to try and start posting more often, but I honestly don’t have anything to post about.

While I used to feel like I had something important to share with people, or something interesting people wanted to hear about, I am really starting to devalue myself.

I think it is just something I’m going through though. I’m still trying to get into voice acting, and I’m working on writing a graphic novel. Although… the search for an artist is a lot harder search than actually writing it. I doubt it will go anywhere, but that’s just my negative view.

Anyway, I’m going to give you guys some updates on that as we go so you can know some about what I’m thinking, and it will help me develop.

Thanks for those still around, and sorry for my absence.



9 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. Just keep your head up. My stories and world were 17 years in the making. As long as your mind still has the need to create, you are in good shape.


      1. I am 36 and just getting started in my creations. So…. be proud of where you are. If I can help you in any way, let me know.


  2. I second what Len said. I’ve been kicking around a “finished” novel for about three years now. Sometimes I wonder if it was all a waste of time. In the end if you have a story to tell keep working, it takes time.

    As for the issues with finding an artist, I hear you. I too hope to meet an artist to collaborate with but they never seem to be around when you need them. Still, just keep your head up and keep writing, It’s all any of us can do and it’s good for the soul.


    1. Sounds like I need to learn how to draw; do graphic novels and cover art. Looks like there is a need for it. Alas, my artwork is not to that level at the moment.


      1. Honestly Len, your artwork is pretty awesome. I have constantly found myself flipping through your posts just to see some of the artwork in it. You’ve got a talent. Honestly just drawing and finding someone else to do the inking or coloring is all you would need. Most other artists do anyway…


      2. Hmm, thanks for the compliments. I really think I may try to develop it, try to work some stuff for my stories and then put it out there. It means a lot that you like you stuff. Thank you again.


    2. It really is such a pain. I mean I am a “Big Picture” kind of person. So honestly I flesh out everything else around the thing I actually want to make the story about.
      I can’t just write the story and let it flow naturally as I do with D&D. I have to know why and how everything works before moving on to the one thing I want to actually write it about. In that process I demotivate myself to keep writing it and give up most times.


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