NeverSet – Alexandrie D’Arc


This is Alexandrie D’Arc, the “leader” of my super team.

Without giving to much away, here is what I can tell you about her.

Powers:Abnormal Strength: I don’t say “Super Strength” because it isn’t Super. She has strength that is better when compared to an average human. Where the average human lifts their body weight. She can lift around 3-5 times her body weight. Super strength in my opinion would be lifting at least 10x your body weight or lifting a ton or two. So she basically has the strength of a female professional bodybuilder or better.
Abnormal Reflexes: I say “Abnormal” due to a certain undisclosed fact. She has reflexes that are better than an average human, but not to the point where they are Supernatural.
Tactician: This is part of why her leadership is so great. She is able to think up battle plans and strategies in an effective amount of time. This is less due to her powers, and more due to her mother training her at a young age.
Increased Healing: She heals quicker. She can still die from wounds, only if they aren’t given enough time to fully heal. Which could be anywhere from 12 seconds, to an hour, to a day. Either way, she regenerates quickly and can heal from some of the worst wounds out there without side effects.

Ancient sword: Nothing truly fancy about this. Other than it is 900 years old! Perfect condition. Let’s just say the person who has had it, has kept it in pretty good condition. Her number one weapon when it comes to fighting.
Micron-Chain: Made by one of the armies technical geniuses. This chain mail has links that are a Micron in diameter. (A micron is a millionth of a meter.) These links offer the best protection versus most incoming blows. While you would still feel the force of such a thing hitting you, it could not get through the actual chain. Making it kind of bullet proof. BUT WAIT! There’s more! The links are designed in a fashion that generate a small electrical field, that when worn, your bodies movement creates. This field can destroy most small projectiles before they even reach the chain. AKA. It melts, or deflects, the bullet before it hits you.  Pretty snazzy, huh? Also comes in pink. (The Micron-Chain does not come in pink.)
Gloves and Kneepads: Why? Well I could make something up as to why she would need knee pads at all if she was wearing all of that chain. One, it is part of the costume and looks nice. Two, have you ever fallen on your knees in chain mail? Yeah, shit hurts. As for the gloves, they contain a sensor device to not only allow her to communicate with her team, but also allows her to check email, phone calls, play angry birds, etc. They also look nice.
Shoulder Pad: Okay! You caught me! I’m guilty of choosing things for my character to wear merely because they look cool in my opinion. No fancy spandex, or rubber suits. I prefer small things that fit over sets of clothing.
Helmet: It is actually an ancient french army helmet. While France is now owned by England, as is the rest of the world, France is still a respected power within England. Making up most of its Nobilities lands. I mean, you can’t fit every rich person, government official, and such on the United Kingdom. It is also made of special metals and alloys that reflect bullets, yada yada yada. So yeah, this is merely the finisher off of her outfit. Making her wear something similar to the Helmet of Joan of Arc. A person she is descended from.

There! That is one of my big secrets. She is descended from Joan of Arc. You’ve talked it out of me. But no more. You hear me? No more secret character knowledge!

But, there you go. That is my first character in the super team known as “NeverSet”.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?



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