Starting over, with Super Heroes!


So I’ve stated several things that I’ve “Planned to Do”.

Now I’m pushing everything away for a time.

With everything that has come up, I literally have so much going on that I need to restart and start from where I currently am.

So, with that, I am starting on my current project.

A superhero comic.

I know, I know. I have probably mentioned starting a comic before, but now I have something.

I am making my own comic universe to play around in. Inspired by comics and super heroes across fiction and non-fiction.

The setting is so far called:
NeverSet (Working Title)

The back story for it so far without completely telling you everything about it is simply this.

England owns everything.

I mean everything. Most wars we know of didn’t happen and England is the supreme ruler of the world next to the Church.

In this world Super’s, called Deviants (Working name), are not completely known about in the world’s population. Most of the rural world
is unaware of the existence of super-beings. The government however has a pretty good deal for those found to be “Deviant” with three options.

1. Join a branch of our army and do what we say.
2. Have us experiment on you to replicate your powers, possibly stripping you of your powers, and/or killing you.
or 3. Be killed as a traitor and heretic.

Plenty of choices. We start with 5 Deviants whom took the first choice. All with different powers, nationalities, and reasons for being there.

I’ve got all five characters powers detailed out.

I have 3 of their back stories.

I have 3 of their names.

I have all 5 nationalities.

I have most of the world back story and how everything ended up happening.

I would love to post the idea of each character, their powers, and their back stories.


I don’t want to post all of that, and then when I get this thing off the ground (AKA. Find an artist I can agree with and has a decent art style) have everything laid bare for the comic.

So I’ll leave you with this and probably post some short ideas on them and what they are.

Small bits on their powers. Etc.

Any ideas for powers, history, names, or anything you can provide for the idea is appreciated.

Right now I’m finishing up the ideas and then going to begin writing.

Looking forward to sharing it with you.

– Aaron


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