This is the One: A Map

I draw lots of maps.


I have so many that I can never decide which one I actually want to use for my campaigns, writing, and everything I do.

Just recently I had an old friend commission a map from me for his campaigns.
I drew his, according to how he wanted it, then set about continuing by drawing this.


When I finished the pencil on this I instantly did the inking. I couldn’t help it.

I even went as far as to add shore line shading.

When I was done I felt like I had just completed something I’ve been trying to find for a long time.

Every time I look at this map I feel like it is actually complete.

Other maps I draw I feel like I’m forgetting something, like it just isn’t done yet.

This is my first that I’ve been actually very happy with.

I could never draw another map again, and have this as the last thing I did, and I would be happy to say it was my last.

I’m now setting out to thinking about placement of everything from rivers, to mountains, to deserts, forests, swamps, bla bla bla.

I don’t want to add them to this nice blank beauty though.

Instead I’m doing what I call shadow layering.


Basically, I’m using tracing paper.

I’m redrawing a rough sketch of the land mass, and adding something onto the map that I want.

I’ll do one with just mountains. Then do one with just rivers. Then just forests.

You get the picture.

After all of that, I’ll be able to at any time put these layers over the actual map and they will make one big picture of an actual map.

After I’m satisfied with how it looks, I’ll make one tracing paper piece with all of these geographic features on it.

That way it makes the map pretty simple. Without anything, with everything.

I’ll also make another one with cities, roads, and names of things. That will allow me to put the cities on the map separate from geographic stuff. It also allows me to scrap things and decide to change things later.

I’ve made mistakes of putting everything on one sheet of paper before.

I think I have a picture of that one…

Hold on…

[Looks in Filing Cabinet called “Documents”]

Yup. Here you go.

A map, new.


Yeah. Looking back at it, I messed up.

I mean this isn’t as bad as my previous version of Mythe.

I think I have that one too!

[Pulls out floppy disk]


Here it is. The first Mythe Map.

Look at all of those things on the map at once.

Disgusting right? I also had those wrap around continents.

Good for a 16 year old drawing maps for the first time.

Anyway, I am pretty excited about my new map. (Consult the first image of the post)

I’ll let you guys know when I get the geographic things mapped out.

Also, I want to thank all of you who follow this blog for hanging on.

Your friendly neighborhood Dungeon Master,



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