A different Look at Undead

My Undead are Different | Terminally Incoherent.

This is pretty awesome.

Definitely worth the read.


10 thoughts on “A different Look at Undead

      1. Agreed. I recently inflicted one of my players with a condition that has been slowly turning him into a sort of undead creature. It’s fun to take something the party is familiar with and flip it around a bit. All the better when it finally dawns on them that they either have no idea what’s going on or their understanding of things hasn’t prepared them for what you’re putting them through.


      2. That actually sounds pretty awesome.
        I agree. I recently had a problem player who tried to extort his badly online generated back story. I had the corpse of his little sister follow him around and make fun of him with him being the only one able to see her. She then transferred over to the material plane in demon form and fought the party. He was the only one who died from it.
        I don’t always kill my player characters…. but when I do I enjoy it fully.


      3. Well Played ๐Ÿ˜‰

        What I did was also the result of a problem player. Much like your’s he probably won’t be surviving the campaign!


      4. Maybe have the player make will saves to not lose control and attack other players? Hears a voice of “death” telling him to give up. Progressively gets harder to pass with every failure.


      5. He’s a cleric, so every time he roles to heal I make him role for spell failure. If he fails he deals negative damage to the target party members. I also make him do the same for wounding spells with mirrored effects. He’s basically a bomb, at some point he’ll fail during a critical moment and accidentally kill a party member or heal an enemy. It makes combat especially exciting ๐Ÿ˜€


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