Session #1 : Generation 27

Session 1.
Characters Participating-

Kilarra Wolf – Level 4 Female Tiefling Alchemist. Played by Devin.

Aahil – Level 4 Male Oread Monk. Played by Kaleb.

Tycan Laino – Level 4 Male Human Fighter. Played by Eric.

The game starts off in the town of Estuary, in the country of Lyragon. It sits on the end of a river where it meets the sea.
-Our Monk arrives by ship at the Fisher’s Wharf, after being picked up floating at sea.
-Our Alchemist arrives at the Lower City’s South-Western Gate.
-Our Fighter arrives at the Markets’ gate.

-Our Monk immediately goes looking for a tailor to get some clothes that aren’t worn, dirty, and wet. That had him asking around and getting sent across the bridge to the Markets.
-Our Alchemist, tired from traveling decided to find an inn for staying, and a tavern for drinking. This had her being sent to the Markets where there is a nice Tavern/Inn  combo known as The Tired Pony.
-Our Fighter arrived and not yet used to not being treated as some form of noble, and not wanting to talk to anyone, started looking for the Noble District. In the wrong part of the city, at that.

The three ran into each other at the bridge, and after exchanging a few stares, just continued their original intent.

-The Monk found a tailor and purchased some clothes.
-The Alchemist found the Marketplace and before heading to The Tired Pony started looking around at the stalls.
-The Fighter having realized his mistake, turned around to see the Noble District on the hill and headed that direction.

-The Monk headed back the way he came, just kind of looking at the scenery of the human world he’s never seen.
-The Alchemist began looking at herbs and such to refill her used alchemist supplies.
-The Fighter stopped in the market circle, where the alchemist was gathering supplies, to check the bounty board. After that he realized he may need some help when it comes to actually bringing in these criminals. So began looking around for capable warriors.

-The Monk walked into the old market square and was approached by a little girl who had lost her doll. She asked if he could find it. He agreed.
-The Alchemist began to turn around heading for The Tired Pony. She was approached by The Fighter who, not exactly the most charismatic (Charisma: 9), started by complimenting her crossbow. She quickly told him that the direction of off was where he should try to fuck.
-The Fighter, flabbergasted at what she had to say, decided to leave her alone for the time being.

-The Monk began searching around town for what seemed like a doll, or at least what the little girl described as a big bear.
-The Alchemist went into the tavern, bought a room, and some drinks in which she sat down to drink.
-The Fighter continued on his way to the noble district, where he was denied entrance.

-The Monk is still searching around town.
-The Alchemist, after being harassed by male patrons and finishing her drink, leaves the bar only to run back into the Fighter. She calls after him.
-The Fighter asks if she wants to join a team to hunt for fame and fortune. She agrees out of the  yearn for companionship. The Fighter decides it would be a good idea to go look for other jobs or work at the other tavern in town The Forgotten Coin.

-The Monk is still searching, not finding anything, but just enjoying the walk around town.
– The Fighter and Alchemist go to the Old Market area see a little girl sitting in the middle of the square. The Alchemist approaches her and talks to her. The girl tells her about her missing doll and the man who is looking for it. They also go looking for it, the Fighter hoping to gain another member.

-The Monk, still searching, sees a 10 foot tall creature chasing a cat through the alleyways. He chases after it.
-The Fighter and Alchemist also begin their search for the doll, with no luck.

-The Monk catches up to the creature to find it to be a Clay Golem. He calls it by the name the little girl told him “Sir Snuffykins”. The creature responded and showed him the kitten it had caught. He told it to follow him back to his little girl and it reluctantly agreed. On his way back he ran into the Fighter and Alchemist. They talked about the golem and decided to follow him back to the little girl. She thanked the three and the Fighter asked if the Monk would join their little party. He agreed, as long as he gets to see bigger and more cities.

The three, already at the Old Market, go into The Forgotten Coin tavern for a drink. The place is deserted except for the owner and one guest. They also learn the owner of The Tired Pony is actually this owner’s son. After a few drinks the few decide to go back to The Tired Pony to sleep. The innkeeper asks if they could take his only patron back to his house, since he has been passed out there the entire time.

The Fighter says he will do it. The other two go back to the inn. The fighter carries him back to the Lower City well and leaves him there like instructed. He does notice a bit of movement in the well but leaves it alone. Just marks it off as the movement of underground water. (The well being built on an underground stream.)

After this he goes back to The Tired Pony and the other two buy beds in the common room.

This is where we stopped.

Next time:

Goblins? Bugbears? Hobgoblins? Ogres? A druid who hates civilizations? What are they doing in Estuary?
Why am I asking you all of these questions?
Stay around for next times:

Raid on Estuary! The first fight!


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