Spell/Sword: Lasting thoughts on Swordpunk?

ImageSo, I will start off by telling those of you who don’t make it past the first paragraph of text, due to the Attention Deficit administered by the internet, by saying that I liked the book.

The book being Spell/Sword by G. Derek Adams.

Now I will tell you why.

It is hard to call the book “Traditional Fantasy” as that of Dragonlance or Forgotten Realms. It is also hard to call it “Non-Traditional Fantasy” as that of The Legends of Eli Monpress or Robert Aspirins Myth-Adventures. So I will call it by the name it gives itself. Swordpunk. Yup. The author seems to believe in the idea that adding punk to the end of a word makes something new and interesting. In all honesty he does well to give us something new and interesting. If I had to put it somewhere I think it leans more towards the “Traditional Fantasy” courtyard. That puts me ranking it up to Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms. Though I feel it still deserves to be put up against other great “Non-Traditional” fantasies.

Looking at the book against other fantasy books it really does shine. It does well in the sections where the characters interact, with the small amount of dialogue that there is not feeling awkward and as if the author was just trying to make up something for them to say. In fact I found my self laughing at several instances of dialogue and even those where they characters were just in their own mind. The author did well in making me care for the characters on a certain level and making me want to continue through the book.

The characters were well rounded and didn’t deviate from their intended personality’s. Bla, bla, bla…

All in all, I loved this book. It was charming, clever, and kept my attention. I’m sad to be at the end of it and hope to purchase a physical copy to keep on my shelf next to my other noteworthy fantasy novels. I also hope to read the next installments of this written piece of awesome. The whole book just screams “Oh! You’re a nerd? Good! Have I got something for you!” It is silly in a very nice way that tells you that it wants you to not take it so seriously. Then it will jerk you right back and ask why you weren’t taking it so seriously. On top of that, look at that cover art! It just screams to everyone watching you read it “Look at me! I’m a nerd and not embarrassed to show it. Also don’t talk to me.”

Would I recommend it? 


Would I recommend it to someone who doesn’t normally read fantasy?

Eh…. umm… Maybe.

Would I post this entire thing on good reads as a review?

Of course.

Would I also post the author’s WordPress blog\ Website?



Now go minions and read this book!

If it is currently September 2nd or 3rd then you can actually download it for free on any Kindle, or if you have a smartphone you can download the free kindle app and get it for free on there.
If none of that is available then go to Amazon on the link below and download the kindle reader for your PC and then get it for free to read on your computer!

Here is the Link for Amazon to get the book for FREE!

Thanks for reading,

That guy.


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