Birthdays, boardgames, and … something else with a B?

wpid-IMG_20130827_141850.jpgSo recently I celebrated my 20th trip around the great burning ball in the sky. My present for such an occasion from my significant other was the board game “Lords of Waterdeep”.

I’ll tell you this, it is probably the most fun board game I have ever played. You play the NPC quest givers and agents behind the corruption of the city and its guilds.
I don’t know if I am correctly portraying it, but if you want to see it in action… Go Watch TableTop’s episode. Hey it has Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and Pat Rothfuss.
You’ll thank me.

Anyway, on top of my 20th year of life, and gaining of an awesome board game, my blog also turned 1 year old a week or two ago.

So… yeah.

I think that’s all I have to report.

Thanks for reading, keep doing that,

The Guy


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