Progress on Ameliorate and the Infinite Dungeon (AID)

So I recently posted about the webcomic I’m currently writing and drawing.
This is the current work I’ve done on the characters.
The first 3 photos are the first official drawings I did of the characters. The next 3 are the larger versions I drew for the surrounding character sheet I wrote around them.
The last is my current drawings I’ve done of them in my sketch pad.
Honestly… I feel like I’ve downgraded from the previous drawings to the current drawings.
I still am unsure about the eyes. I’ve been using straight up circles for Clark and been using a sort of sideways lowercase E for Ameliorate.
I’m thinking of changing them both to a more realistic and disney style eye. Which can convey more emotion and will make more sense when drawing everyone.
What do you think?
Also, should I attempt to draw them the previous way, or continue drawing them this new way?
I will post more drawings soon, I’ve got some I’m working on.
Nothing fantastic, but hey, they are considered drawings.


Ameliorette and the Endless Dungeon

So I know I recently posted about all of my recent projects.
This is my New Year’s project.
A webcomic.
I will post the link to the webcomic page when I get it started up.
After I finish this, it will be the cover for the first chapter.
Of which I’m currently writing.

Bringing new life to a ‘dead’ language | News Center | Wake Forest University

Bringing new life to a ‘dead’ language | News Center | Wake Forest University.

This is awesome.
This teacher is using D&D to teach latin!
He has students playing characters and using latin to complete challenges and do things in game.
They don’t earn grades, but they earn experience points by completing assignments that are related to their in game characters.

I’m very impressed. Read this it is inspiring.