Current Projects


While it has been a while since my last post, about 3 months actually, I still have several unfinished projects on my mind.
These projects range from things I’ve been doing since School, and things I’ve recently come up with.
These things include:
1. NeverSet: My Superhero comic/story.
What is done?: I have several characters laid out with backstories and power descriptions. I also have a villain organization with villains and crew. I also have the idea for how the world works. I also have some major plot points.
What do I have to do?: Write, plan the story, and if I can get there find an artist to draw it.
2. Mythe: My Fantasy world.
What is done?: I have the continent map. I have layout of where rivers, mountains, and forests go, I also have country names placed on the continents along with their borders.
What is there to do?: Cultures, capitol cities, kings, governments, wars, history, and further things.
3.Reforestation: A Module for Tabletop Fantasies. 1st Mythe Adventure.
What have I done?: Written the first part, drawn the first city in detail. Made villians, and possible NPC’s to throw in as DMPC’s.
What needs to be done?: Write more for story. Draw more cities. Make more npc’s, make random quests for them to do.
4. Voice Acting: My search for auditions, and other things trying to get into even the small things for voice acting.
5. Skull: A comic on my own artistic abilities. I’ll most likely post some sketches I did for this soon.
I have more though they aren’t really important enough to make it on the list.
with everything going on right now, I would just be happy to find a nice paying job so I could support myself better and wouldn’t need two different jobs that pay me near minimum wage. (I’m talking .20 more than minimum wage.)
This and the other complications that have been eating me have kept me from posting. Hopefully I get more posts in the future.




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