Progress on Ameliorate and the Infinite Dungeon (AID)

So I recently posted about the webcomic I’m currently writing and drawing.
This is the current work I’ve done on the characters.
The first 3 photos are the first official drawings I did of the characters. The next 3 are the larger versions I drew for the surrounding character sheet I wrote around them.
The last is my current drawings I’ve done of them in my sketch pad.
Honestly… I feel like I’ve downgraded from the previous drawings to the current drawings.
I still am unsure about the eyes. I’ve been using straight up circles for Clark and been using a sort of sideways lowercase E for Ameliorate.
I’m thinking of changing them both to a more realistic and disney style eye. Which can convey more emotion and will make more sense when drawing everyone.
What do you think?
Also, should I attempt to draw them the previous way, or continue drawing them this new way?
I will post more drawings soon, I’ve got some I’m working on.
Nothing fantastic, but hey, they are considered drawings.


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