Far to long

Long ago in a distant land… Eh… Once upon a time… no…

Look about a year and a half ago I started this blog to keep my mind busy trying to document the journey I was taking through my own nerdy adulthood. It really hasn’t been successful. I mean not by any means I set. I haven’t posted much. I make empty promises I never keep. I do what I always do. Decide to “Devote my time” to a new project and then when a new idea pops up I “put it on the back burner”. I don’t know how many back burners I have but this stove must be huge. Either that or my kitchen is full of dried out and ruined dishes that I would literally have to just start over to get back into them. Most are so old and disgusting, covered in mold and dust, that I don’t even remember what they were supposed to be.
So in this I think it represents a part of the essence of what I see as DisClever. Too big a concept to comprehend devoting time to a singular objective.
I’ve started this process before, and I’ll tell you how it ends. I will post for a month or two, forget one post and end up stopping for another 4-5 months, every day looking at my homepage, as it pops up when I open a web browser, and seeing how forgotten the blog is. My last post was about Ameliorate and the Infinite Dungeon and let me tell you I did actually start on this one and am still working on it.

What happened was a big slap of life. My Pathfinder group fell apart, which left me without a creative source to draw into and out of. My Fiance and I moved into a new house. Her car blew up. (Technically it was just the head gasket, so it is just really expensive to fix.) All in all I have just felt a huge drain on creative juices. I’m trying to get back into it.
I guess I just need time.

Though, I will tell you what has happened to Ameliorate, for those who care.
I wrote the first chapter. I drew several comics. Then reached a wall. I realized “Oh my Deities! Where can I possibly go?” It wasn’t a small hiccup. It was a major thing. A design flaw in the loop of the fabric of my comic. I would have to literally unwrite my mistake and live with it from that point. What I ended with was an idea to just scrap it and start over. Bold move that would mean the undoing of all I’ve done anyway. I just felt it was a better move. I like what I’ve started writing, and hopefully when I decide to start posting it here youw ill too.
When I was writing it beforehand I had started it where the story begins. With Ame and Clark entering the dungeon and doing stuff. The problem with this is I have to establish everything right then. Establish why they are doing this, what is going on, who this person is and what they are dealing with. It is something that needs to be done at some point anyway, but I didn’t have all of it established yet. I was working with stuff I would either ruin it at the beginning or destroy it at the end. So with starting over I am technically using a writing technique that leaves more open room. I am starting in the middle. By doing so I am able to just drop you in with these characters. Let you learn about them. Let them do some things that establish a sense of where they are. Drop hints of things around. Then when the time comes, flashback or do an origin story to tell what happened at the beginning. Doing this allows for a bigger surprise when you read where it all came from. The jokes, the characters, the concept that grew to this point.
If everything goes through correctly, then I should have the first comic, and a new cover page, around… the April 25th. How about that? I will release the cover page on April 25th.
If I forget, then … You can feel really disappointed in me, as I will in myself.
If I somehow bulk up and get the first comic out then too, then Yay! Maybe I can start a pattern and we can get this show on the road.

Anyway, Long story short, or as the kids say TL:DR, I am a lazy person. I will try and get something done that people will want to read or look at, and you can count on it.



5 thoughts on “Far to long

  1. I hear you on virtually every point. I too have a really disgusting stove top and I always seem to leave stuff hanging because something new comes along. I think it comes with the territory, creative people can’t help but get excited by new ideas and it’s not like you can stop them from happening.
    Glad to hear you have a plan for the comic. I’ll be back here on the 25th to see what the cover looks like. ;p


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