Life mirror


I recently had a dream where I was in my fantasy world, Mythe.
Beside me was my younger brother Eric, he is 3 years younger than me, and we were in a tavern. He was drinking it up with the wenches pulling on his bowtie.
(Note: Wizards in my world aren’t known for their hats, staves, or robes. Its their ties or neckwear. Different types of ties and scarves in different colors mean different things. He wears a bowtie. Symbolizing his coming out of apprenticeship. It can also symbolize your devotion to learning in the art.)
Anyway, I sat drinking rarely and staring at my buzzed brother, who was at that point eyeing the bar maid fondly, with mild annoyance.
I brought up how he should be focusing as he was headed to take his examination to become more than an apprentice. While he wasn’t the youngest to try, it was still viewed foolish to try at such a young age.
It was very vivid and we even discussed my older brother and his adventures.
When I awoke I found myself surprised to remember this dream and I held onto it.
I just decided to get back and try drawing us.
The height was an issue as both brothers are bigger than me.
Also in the dream, I was completely missing my left ear.
(Note 2: I’m deaf in my left ear in real life.)
It was strange and I may write some on the journeys our characters have gone through pretty soon.
Though I’m hesitant because this is pure self insertion. I feel like its weird and would make it seem like I’m over building myself or family.
Anyone have thoughts on this?


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