My writing as of Late.

So as most of you have probably seen, I have been writing quite a bit recently.
I want to explain to you what happened and what I have planned.

I was sitting inside the shower, which is common, and trying to think of where I wanted to place the two brothers.
I had already planned to have them walk down that road, discover bandits and there to be a fight. That was planned. What happened, was I needed reason.
I needed some reason why they were on that road.
I don’t mean destination. I knew destination.
I mean, why did they run into bandits other than the normal old reason of bandits on a road. What was the ultimate thing pushing each person forward? What was the over-arching story behind this trip?
I always try and remember something I recently learned about writing.
“Is this the most interesting part of this persons life, and if not, what does it have to do with it?”
So that inspired me to start thinking of these other questions. Mostly because I feel I need to know so much about my story before I start writing.
Then I thought about my other story. Ameliorate and the Infinite Dungeon.
I knew a small connection in the story.
I just never thought about how that made the stories even better by making them about something similar.
So get ready for both stories.
Also get ready for some infinite dungeon.
By the way, the stories I post are no where near complete. I also have not edited most of them before hand.
I would love to hear what you think, enjoy, hate, wish to see more of. I am writing this story to get it out of my head, but I’m creating this story for people to enjoy it.
I appreciate all comments.
Thank you all for reading
and I hope to continue this.


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