Okay, so I had a big post about my birthday coming up and it reminded me that I have forgotten to speak about my new project!
“Oh great, another project for you to work on instead of the thousands of other things you’ve come up with.”
Well… Okay! Yes, I’ve been working on this instead of Brothers Three or Ameliorate or even my map!
To be serious, developing this system has been a cooperative effort to go along with my books and my world.

The development of this system is so far helping me understand how things work in the world I am building.

Here is how.

The name, Mythe and Lejend, refer to the two differing periods of my worlds history.

Mythe is the medieval fantasy setting. It contains everything you would expect in it. Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Dragons, adventures, etc.This is your modern D&D setting with my world as a filter. Honestly, I haven’t really thought of the big kicker for this one yet.

Lejend is the Sci-Fi Fantasy setting I’ve more recently been thinking about. This world takes place not in the distant future where we society has intergalactic travel, futuristic technology, and even robots. It takes place AFTER that.



“That’s not an answer to my question.”

Fine. Okay, so imagine … umm… I can’t use humanity because it doesn’t include elves, dwarves, and the rest of those other non-human races. (I’m not a racist, I think I dated an elf.) All Sapiant life forms reach a point in the future where there is no discernible ‘next step’ for technological advancement. In that they have Terra-Formed planets within different solar systems and galaxies, we’ve reached a point of ‘faster than light travel’. Just any technology you can think of possibly exists, or was rendered impossible to invent due to being against the laws of the universe. Well, because we’ve reached the stasis point where no further advancement is perceivable.
Due to hitting this maximum advancement ceiling the universe begins a declining point. As the generations continue, the majority of people living in the known ‘verse begin forgetting, or not even caring, about the technology that has been used to keep them sustained since the ceiling was met. I’d say it would probably be about a millennium since the ceiling was reached.
In this future you have planets thrown into chaos as old technology stops working, planets with completely different types of worlds on them as they mix working, broken, or barely working technology with the worlds they live on.
Imagine a world that is complete medieval fantasy. Castles, dragons, lush landscapes, mountains filled with orcs. Yet they have robots servants in castles, they have laser guns and pistols, and no ships so anyone there is stuck on planet.
Other planets could have complete opposite ideals. Sci-fi robotic city, futuristic tech all over. Yet they have no guns or futuristic weapons, and are forced to use medieval swords, shields, and bows.
Possibilities keep going as people come up with things. Also with the endless nature that is the universe this allows for people to invent complete galaxies and planets of their own design if they would prefer.

The universe blends magic, tech, medieval fantasy, and sci-fi into a mix of endless creativity.
Just wait until I get into the game mechanics. That’s what I’m really enjoying/hating myself.




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