Chloe Roth – Myrmidarch

Chloe RothI did another one of those mirror Mythe characters. This time using a close friend of mine. So I introduce to you… Chloe Roth.

There is not much known about Chloe’s past, but in the present day she classifies as a Myrmidarch. These people are known for their combat style of blending the skill of archery with the skill of magic. She doesn’t use actual arrows, instead substituting them for lines of force that she focuses using her bow as a catalyst.

She is a friend and ally to Kayden in the Brothers 3 and has a possible role in Ameliorate and the Infinite Dungeon. I haven’t written much on her yet, as I don’t really know where to put her as of now.

When that becomes more clear, I’ll update her with a new post.

Either way, I’ve been meaning to throw her on here for a few days now.




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