Building Super Powers: Teleportation

Building Super Powers: Teleportation

To start this off let me break down some terms and the frame I use when I build super powers.

  1. Define Super Power: When I use these words I am referring to an ability that can be defined as extraordinary, supernatural, or unreal.
  2. The framework:
    When I build thing I like to make a frame of reference to work within.
    The frame I use in this is simple. What is the Positive of the ability, and what are the Negatives of the ability, or drawbacks.
    There is also the Presentation of the ability. Which is how it is presented or used. (Like super strength. Is it in your arms or legs or is it your whole body? Is it only in a special circumstance, or all the time? Etc.)
  3. Why am I doing this? Well simply put, I believe that every super power, when written, should have a nice clean defined edge to it. It should have what it can do, and then the limitations. This allows the writer and character to work with those limitations to add a sense of reality to something so out of normality. I think it also adds a point of impact when a character defies the limitations and even they can’t understand how they did it. Now that I think about, none of that was simply put. How about I just say “Because I think it will make writing better.”

So we are looking at Teleportation today. I’ll define this with this definition.

Teleportation: (Also, Tele-Transportation) The ability to move your physical body, other physical objects, or entities to another location independent of space and/or time. Continue reading “Building Super Powers: Teleportation”


Equalizing Super Powers

Equalizing Super Powers

I think about a lot of things.

Nice little way to start that, eh? Don’t we all? But seriously. When it comes to daily life, I can’t help but sit and ponder things that couldn’t matter in the slightest. I mean, I know other people do it as well. To be honest people make jobs out of it. Sadly, I don’t have one of those jobs. (Though if you are looking for someone to ask you how real world things function but then give you a lesson on the ethics, usability, and reality of magic. Professionally. Give me a shout. We’ll make it work.)
What I do have is an extensive amount of time to think, and the ability to multitask that with doing my daily routines. Yes, instead of enslaving my brainpower to one of the multiple time wasters in today’s modern world. Such as apps, over-usage of social media outlets, and endlessly watching videos of other people play video games and shout at a camera and microphone. I prefer to use it to ponder the greater questions.

Like how to make believable super hero’s by giving them some great ability or power and equalizing it by giving it a major downfall. I’ve made this into a sort of game at my job by asking co-workers to give me different super powers to equalize and  even if they can come up with their own.

Now what I’m not doing is worrying about the specific Hero. I’m worrying about the power that would be bestowed. So when you are reading them it isn’t about who has it. It’s about what it is.

So in that I felt I should give a little forward as I begin to post some of the better ones we’ve come across. These are powers I would love to include into my the setting I began writing known as NeverSet. So if you like one, give me notice. I’ll create the character in the NeverSet ‘verse and make note that they exist.

Oh, and I’ll probably be updating more on NeverSet as some of the biggest hits I get are people who find the ONE POST I ever made about Super Hero’s when I started creating the NeverSet Universe.

So prepare for some Equalized Super Powers. I’ll think of a better name later, but for now that’s the best word I have.

Either way.