A&tID Chapter 1: The Beeginning Part 1

A&tID Chapter 1: The Beeginning Part 1

It had been a day since their last meal, and to Ameli it was an unbearable time full of misery and blame. Blame that she would point at her traveling companion, Clark. Though, in honesty, he was to thank for the previous meal’s existence. Despite that, they were hungry, upset, and hopelessly lost in the most complicated dungeon imaginable.

“You’re ABSOLUTELY sure there isn’t ANY food left in your bag?” Continue reading “A&tID Chapter 1: The Beeginning Part 1”


The Families: The Brothers

The Families: The Brothers

When the first found the world it was filled with the remnants of a darkness they hunted across the heavens. Needing to continue the hunt for their eternal foe they created those that would become the gods of this world.

First came the eldest ones, who would be tasked with fixing the world. Being unable to fix the world with the darkness inhabiting it the Second would be created. These would never meet the First as they would depart shortly after their creation. After the Second helped the elders combat the darkness they required a use for the now “fixed” world. Thus the Youngest were created by the Second. The Young would cultivate the world and make it grow. When the world was fresh the mortal races appeared and the gods became confused. Thus the gods formed “families” and the fights broke out. 
One of these families was a set of siblings.

Denaldrean, (The Stubborn Defender) the strongest of the Eldest. He was made to protect the other elders as they tried to fix the world. It is said without him the elders would have failed in the beginning.

Mittenen, (The keeper of Secrets and Lies) a member of the Second who was lost to the darkness at creation and came back with the secrets to its destruction. He would teach the gift of Light.

Deunga, (The seeker of Knowledge) at first the weakest of the young, was said to have his brother Mittenen attempt to corrupt him with the secrets of the shadows. He failed and Deunga created magic through harnessing the powers of light and dark. Thus he became the strongest of the young.

Many alliances and families fell and broke apart, though, the brothers always remained.

When the mortal races appeared the brothers helped the races in different ways. Denaldrean helped them build their cities strong and taught them how to protect themselves. Deunga gave them a thirst for knowledge and found some had an affinity for magic which he helped refine. Mittenen meanwhile found himself collecting the souls of the dead, though, he never explained why. This brought great dismay to the other gods who were weary of he that was raised in darkness. Denaldrean and Deunga were a big reason no gods acted upon their hatred. 

Sketching Instead

Sketching Instead

So… I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout 4.

A lot. Seriously. I’ve put roughly 50 hours into one save file and that’s not including the times I’ve died and reloaded. So that would probably put it at about 55 hours.

This means I’ve been very slacking on my NaNoWriMo.
I have only written a small bit of chapter 2 of Brothers Three, but not enough to even consider counting the word count for it. I think only about two pages or so.

What I have found time to do, instead of writing, is during slow times at my job I’ve been sketching around on the Autodesk app on my tablet. It also has a synchronization with DeviantArt.

So… I have some new sketches and things I’ve done on my 6 year old DeviantArt. This thing had cobwebs on it when I came back to it. I felt bad for it.

Either way, I do feel bad for not writing as much and getting absorbed by the amazingness of Fallout 4.

I kind of expected that to happen honestly.

So, while it is going to be really difficult to catch up to current NaNoWriMo goals, I am going to give it my all to get some progress into it.

I did draw some chapter covers in that app. So Expect those with the new chapters.

Here’s to hoping I can pull it together.

Wish me luck.

The Brothers Three – Chapter 1 – Blowing Smoke

The Brothers Three – Chapter 1 – Blowing Smoke

A casual glance around the room would tell the person looking that it was busy. At least for a tavern located on the stretch of road such as this one. A road stretching through hamlets and towns in both directions and eventually stretching to bigger cities and even to capitals if a person went that far, this road was well traveled. That doesn’t however mean that this tavern was well used. This particular place of business was a stump on this road. Merely a place to rest before a person continues on their way, but only for a moment’s breath and not much more. ‘Traveler’s Reprieve’ read the sign, kept above the doorway on a swinging wooden post. A building made of cob, it seemed rather out of place among the farmland and forest. It had a round shape to its walls, which were an odd yellow and red color, and large windows made of warped glass. Its nearest neighbors were less than a mile from it, and the nearest town less than three. Everyone within that distance would be able to spot its walls and roof full of bright colorful fauna. While the building seemed appealing to maybe the casual traveler, most steered past due to the oddness surrounding it. Continue reading “The Brothers Three – Chapter 1 – Blowing Smoke”

Map Update! Lyragon!

I did a thing.

What kind of thing?

Well, I’ve been experimenting with a way to do my maps as to keep a more … “Base Image” and allow for simplistic editing.

It’s actually more of a primitive form of computer editing software in which I just make layers of the map on different sheets of tracing paper and add what I want to see to each layer so that I can remove and add as I please.

Wait… did I just explain it all in that sentence?

Damn, well I guess it’s better than me drawing it out. (Pun intended.)

So anyway, I’ll leave you with some images that I just recently got scanned in. The tracing paper doesn’t scan well as you add more layers, so I reduced it to a maximum of two layers on at the same time.

The first image is of just my base image. The land of Lyragon.

Map1 - Lyragon

On this version you can see basic Mountains, Rivers, Forests, and (The dotted line) borders for the provinces of Lyragon and countries that border it.

Map2 - Lyragon

This adds in the different states within the provinces, as well as the capital cities.

Map3 - Lyragon

And here we have the names of the provinces and different countries about. As you can see it blurs the lower portions of the map as you get more sheets on top.
Either way I’m happy to now have these images digitally!

Also happy to be able to share them with you!



Chloe Roth – Myrmidarch

Chloe RothI did another one of those mirror Mythe characters. This time using a close friend of mine. So I introduce to you… Chloe Roth.

There is not much known about Chloe’s past, but in the present day she classifies as a Myrmidarch. These people are known for their combat style of blending the skill of archery with the skill of magic. She doesn’t use actual arrows, instead substituting them for lines of force that she focuses using her bow as a catalyst.

She is a friend and ally to Kayden in the Brothers 3 and has a possible role in Ameliorate and the Infinite Dungeon. I haven’t written much on her yet, as I don’t really know where to put her as of now.

When that becomes more clear, I’ll update her with a new post.

Either way, I’ve been meaning to throw her on here for a few days now.