Map Update! Lyragon!

I did a thing.

What kind of thing?

Well, I’ve been experimenting with a way to do my maps as to keep a more … “Base Image” and allow for simplistic editing.

It’s actually more of a primitive form of computer editing software in which I just make layers of the map on different sheets of tracing paper and add what I want to see to each layer so that I can remove and add as I please.

Wait… did I just explain it all in that sentence?

Damn, well I guess it’s better than me drawing it out. (Pun intended.)

So anyway, I’ll leave you with some images that I just recently got scanned in. The tracing paper doesn’t scan well as you add more layers, so I reduced it to a maximum of two layers on at the same time.

The first image is of just my base image. The land of Lyragon.

Map1 - Lyragon

On this version you can see basic Mountains, Rivers, Forests, and (The dotted line) borders for the provinces of Lyragon and countries that border it.

Map2 - Lyragon

This adds in the different states within the provinces, as well as the capital cities.

Map3 - Lyragon

And here we have the names of the provinces and different countries about. As you can see it blurs the lower portions of the map as you get more sheets on top.
Either way I’m happy to now have these images digitally!

Also happy to be able to share them with you!




This is the One: A Map

I draw lots of maps.


I have so many that I can never decide which one I actually want to use for my campaigns, writing, and everything I do.

Just recently I had an old friend commission a map from me for his campaigns.
I drew his, according to how he wanted it, then set about continuing by drawing this. Continue reading “This is the One: A Map”

New Map, New Mythe.


Working on a new map due to my old map… well… I’m tired of it.

I’m a nitpicker so I quickly get tired of something if I see all of the flaws present in it.

Hopefully I will do a bit better with this Mythe.

I’ve still yet to draw… You know… I’ll announce that later.

Anyway, I’ll post more after I’m done with this.

I don’t have my good inking pen, so it is a very SLOW process.


Yorick Sofer