Equalizing Super Powers

Equalizing Super Powers

I think about a lot of things.

Nice little way to start that, eh? Don’t we all? But seriously. When it comes to daily life, I can’t help but sit and ponder things that couldn’t matter in the slightest. I mean, I know other people do it as well. To be honest people make jobs out of it. Sadly, I don’t have one of those jobs. (Though if you are looking for someone to ask you how real world things function but then give you a lesson on the ethics, usability, and reality of magic. Professionally. Give me a shout. We’ll make it work.)
What I do have is an extensive amount of time to think, and the ability to multitask that with doing my daily routines. Yes, instead of enslaving my brainpower to one of the multiple time wasters in today’s modern world. Such as apps, over-usage of social media outlets, and endlessly watching videos of other people play video games and shout at a camera and microphone. I prefer to use it to ponder the greater questions.

Like how to make believable super hero’s by giving them some great ability or power and equalizing it by giving it a major downfall. I’ve made this into a sort of game at my job by asking co-workers to give me different super powers to equalize and  even if they can come up with their own.

Now what I’m not doing is worrying about the specific Hero. I’m worrying about the power that would be bestowed. So when you are reading them it isn’t about who has it. It’s about what it is.

So in that I felt I should give a little forward as I begin to post some of the better ones we’ve come across. These are powers I would love to include into my the setting I began writing known as NeverSet. So if you like one, give me notice. I’ll create the character in the NeverSet ‘verse and make note that they exist.

Oh, and I’ll probably be updating more on NeverSet as some of the biggest hits I get are people who find the ONE POST I ever made about Super Hero’s when I started creating the NeverSet Universe.

So prepare for some Equalized Super Powers. I’ll think of a better name later, but for now that’s the best word I have.

Either way.



Fixing up the Place.

Fixing up the Place.

As I have gathered myself into a nice new job that requires me to be at a computer most of the day, I’ve found myself back on my blog in the slow periods of the day.

With that, to keep myself from endlessly posting nonsensical crap, I have begun tidying up my blog-site.

You’ll see a fresh theme, without the new paint smell, my menu is a little more organized, and I’ve redone the “Categories”.

I always wanted to go back through and make sure I didn’t have recurring or redundant categories, and now I have that time. So I have!
Still a little redundancy but I can live.

Hopefully this makes the site a little easier to look at.
It has for me.



Floccinaucinihilipilification. n. The concept of something being worthless.

Another word I like to put on my cards.
This would be an awesome name for a band or tv show.
I shall use it.

Did I mention it is pronounced:

Yeah, I learned to say it.

Where have I been?

It has been over a month and a half since I last posted something.

I’m not going to make this one of those long “My life took a wrong turn and now I plan to get back on track on here.” kind of posts. 

I’m just going to tell you what happened.

I got a new job. Now working two jobs. Haven’t really had any time to do anything, especially play D&D. It hurts my heart that I can’t.

I also haven’t had any time to post on here. I am going to try and start posting more often, but I honestly don’t have anything to post about.

While I used to feel like I had something important to share with people, or something interesting people wanted to hear about, I am really starting to devalue myself.

I think it is just something I’m going through though. I’m still trying to get into voice acting, and I’m working on writing a graphic novel. Although… the search for an artist is a lot harder search than actually writing it. I doubt it will go anywhere, but that’s just my negative view.

Anyway, I’m going to give you guys some updates on that as we go so you can know some about what I’m thinking, and it will help me develop.

Thanks for those still around, and sorry for my absence.