Chloe Roth – Myrmidarch

Chloe RothI did another one of those mirror Mythe characters. This time using a close friend of mine. So I introduce to you… Chloe Roth.

There is not much known about Chloe’s past, but in the present day she classifies as a Myrmidarch. These people are known for their combat style of blending the skill of archery with the skill of magic. She doesn’t use actual arrows, instead substituting them for lines of force that she focuses using her bow as a catalyst.

She is a friend and ally to Kayden in the Brothers 3 and has a possible role in Ameliorate and the Infinite Dungeon. I haven’t written much on her yet, as I don’t really know where to put her as of now.

When that becomes more clear, I’ll update her with a new post.

Either way, I’ve been meaning to throw her on here for a few days now.




Life mirror


I recently had a dream where I was in my fantasy world, Mythe.
Beside me was my younger brother Eric, he is 3 years younger than me, and we were in a tavern. He was drinking it up with the wenches pulling on his bowtie.
(Note: Wizards in my world aren’t known for their hats, staves, or robes. Its their ties or neckwear. Different types of ties and scarves in different colors mean different things. He wears a bowtie. Symbolizing his coming out of apprenticeship. It can also symbolize your devotion to learning in the art.)
Anyway, I sat drinking rarely and staring at my buzzed brother, who was at that point eyeing the bar maid fondly, with mild annoyance.
I brought up how he should be focusing as he was headed to take his examination to become more than an apprentice. While he wasn’t the youngest to try, it was still viewed foolish to try at such a young age.
It was very vivid and we even discussed my older brother and his adventures.
When I awoke I found myself surprised to remember this dream and I held onto it.
I just decided to get back and try drawing us.
The height was an issue as both brothers are bigger than me.
Also in the dream, I was completely missing my left ear.
(Note 2: I’m deaf in my left ear in real life.)
It was strange and I may write some on the journeys our characters have gone through pretty soon.
Though I’m hesitant because this is pure self insertion. I feel like its weird and would make it seem like I’m over building myself or family.
Anyone have thoughts on this?

Session #1 : Generation 27

Session 1.
Characters Participating-

Kilarra Wolf – Level 4 Female Tiefling Alchemist. Played by Devin.

Aahil – Level 4 Male Oread Monk. Played by Kaleb.

Tycan Laino – Level 4 Male Human Fighter. Played by Eric.

The game starts off in the town of Estuary, in the country of Lyragon. It sits on the end of a river where it meets the sea.
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Claudio Sofer, The Sketch

I admit. Sort of a Mary Sue. *Cough*
Don’t judge.
probably my best character sketch to date.
My Magnimopus of character sketches.
Can you guess what he is? (Class wise.)

Well, I’ll tell you.
He was a half-elf Wizard who worshiped the Titan Prometheus. (2nd edition with old world pantheons)
I was labeled the Torch Bearer.
I had 1 spell and once it was gone I held the torch.
I later took everyone’s oil flasks for lanterns, and made fireballs I called my “Stolen Fire”.
So far, probably best character I’ve played.

Bastion Sef: Preparation

So, I am about to play in a D&D 3.5 version game. It will be my 2nd time playing the system, even though it almost the exact same as pathfinder (Which I run).
This is the character I made.
He is a Cleric of Fharlanghn. He is 36 years old (Making him middle aged in this game) and has been traveling the world as a cleric for 13 years.
There is quite a story for this character, as it is the first character I’ve played in over 2 years.
I’m looking forward to it.
I’ll let you know how it goes, as well as give some backstory later.

The Guy

The creation of Yorick.

So, using the pathfinder system I am trying to create my Changeling Swordmage Yorick Sofer.

I know a Magus is basically a swordmage, I just don’t know if I want to make him a Magus.

They have limited spells and I don’t feel it would be right to keep 3 levels of spells and a limited spellbook away from him. Also I don’t feel any of the class features fit him. It would be awesome to be able to enchant my weapon with points from an arcana pool, but at the same time I would love all of my spells.

I am thinking either Sorcerer/Fighter or Wizard/Fighter. Sorc would let me choose a bloodline, which might end up being his abberation bloodline. Wizard would allow me to choose either to universalist or conform to one school of magic. Fighter allows him to have a BAB and weapon proficiency.


If anyone has suggestions please make them.

Feel happy to have them.