Kilarra Wolf -“Demon of the Ash”


Name: Kilarra Wolf

Age; 23
Gender; Female
Race: Tiefling
Class: Alchemist
Alignment: Neutral
When Kilarra was born, she was left on the back steps of a brothel in a town by the sea. There she was raised harshly by the owners, and at the age of ten the owners put her up for auction as an exotic sex slave. An alchemist, named Demeter Wolf, saw her struggling on the auction block as they called bids from the crowd and out of kindness bought her and took her back to his own city to be his apprentice.
Before arriving in the village, Demeter told Kilarra that he can not offer her an easy life, but he can give her the knowledge to prosper if she was willing to let him. He promised to teach her alchemy and give her a place to live. However, if she wanted to live among the people of his village, she needed to hide who she was. With that he handed her a cloak and told her to put it on. Demeter told her that she would appear human as long as she wore the cloak, but if she should take it off, people would see her true self.
Over the years Kilarra stayed with Demeter and found herself immersed in his books and comforted by the burning of brews and powders. Six years she lived among the people of this village. However, things began to change. The whispers that followed her as she walked back to Demeter’s home, the strange looks the shop keepers began giving her, and the scowls on the faces as mothers hurried their children into their homes. Even Demeter seems to change, becoming more reclusive and suspicious of the world outside the walls of his lab.
One day while running errands, she was ambushed by the villagers and her cloak was torn away from her. The people gasped and cringed as she was shown in her true form. They began throwing around horrible rumors.
“The Alchemist is crazy!”
“He’s been experimenting on children and his one of his vile creations!”
“Devil! Monster!”
She fled back to Demeter’s house with the angry villagers in tow. They quickly detained Kilarra and fetched Demeter from his home. She wriggled in their grasps, screaming and crying as she watched them beat her mentor and set fire to his house.
Several hours later, she awoke covered in ashes. the village she once called home burning around her and the people she once trusted dead among the ashes and brim stone. Dazed, she stumbled back to the remains of Demeter’s house and found his body crumpled on the ground. Kilarra cradled him in her arms and with his last breath he apologized. She told him he had nothing to apologize for but he just smiled up at her and said “That has yet to be shown.” and quietly passed away.
After burying his body, Kilarra looked out at the destruction and realized that she had a choice. She could use the knowledge Demeter had given her or she could choose a life of destruction. Confidently she gathered the remains of her cloak and collected some of the ashes of her home. In disguise she headed to a small city to the east. On the way she spent several nights by the camp fire, mixing the ashes with ink she picked up from a passing caravan and she began tattooing her skin. She would never forget Demeter and the home he gave her for so many years.
When she arrived in the city, she quickly found work at an inn and began saving her money for books and proper equipment. After two months of staying in the city, the rumors of a demon started circulating through the crowds in the tavern. The Demon of Ashes who had destroyed an entire village. There was a price on it’s head and whoever could capture it alive would be rewarded handsomely. Several weeks later Kilarra left town with a gypsy caravan.
Now 19, she traveled around with the caravan, making quick friends with the outcasts that found home in the glow of a camp fire. She didn’t have to hide her self here and unless they came across travelers or passed through a village, she rarely ever wore the cloak. Some nights she lay awake and saw Demeter in the glow of the campfire, other nights she saw herself burning among the flames and awoke screaming. Gradually, travel began and she found herself analyzing every town that passed through. She dreamed of a home, wondered if she could ever have a permanent life among the world that so cruelly shunned her. Would she ever convince the world that she wasn’t a monster?
She is now 23, and that is where our story begins…

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