Olesia Trinity

Name: Olesia Trinity
Race: Half-Orc

Class: Inquisitor

Deity: Previous-Sarenrae
Now- Cayden Cailean

Age: 22  Hair: Black  Eyes: Green

Campaign Experience:

After arriving on a boat from her home country of Lyragon, Olesia was in a foreign land with foreign people and no allies. After meeting Otto, who also hailed from Lyragon, Darisk, another half-orc, and a derpy oracle who thought she was being haunted by ghosts; she took on her roaming of the world with them in tow. After a few less than successful missions which garnered them a small fortune and later made the crazy oracle flee the party, they took on a mission that would split the party.

After receiving a mission, which had a little to much pay, from a group of mining dwarves to clear out a cave of some troglodytes, the party goes into the cave to find themselves outmatched. Killing most of the tribe by brute force and explosives, the party discovers a young black dragon has taken up the cave as his home. The party decided to fight the dragon ending with the death of the Half-Orc companion Darisk. After defeating the dragon the group took as much from the pile as they could as well as a few bags of dragon scales and dragon novelties. The cave collapsed afterward ending with the party negotiating that their job was done and a reward was worthy. They took the several platinum reward and started spending. After the loss of a recent party member the party split on their own ways to discover what they could of this land they had come to.

Olesia traveled on her own for a while, spending money where needed and later finding her faith in the bottom of a glass of ale and the end of a road. She abandoned her covenant with Sarenrae, leaving a parting gift of several platinum, and took up the banner of Cayden Cailean.

A year after the death of Darisk, and the splitting of the group, Olesia sent a letter to Otto informing him that she was looking to start up the group again, having work she wanted to do. Otto excitedly said he would be happy to join, and recommended a person who would be great as their third person. She informed him to gather at least two more after him and to meet her in 4 months in a tavern named the Varnished Traveler.

That is where we sit now…


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