Terrin Rolfe – Inquisitor of Abadar


Name: Terrin Rolfe
Age: 26
Class: Inquisitor
Deity: Abadar; God of Cities, wealth, and commerce.
Hair: Black, short, shaved on sides.
Eyes: Hazel/Gold
Homeland: Village of Ashlake. A neighboring village of the city of Desnick.
Family: 5 siblings. Both parents are alive.
Raised as serf’s for Desnick.
Eldest Brother, 32, Billiam Thatcher. Unmarried – Owns Tavern in Desnick.
Elder Brother, 29, Jacob Rolfe. Married – Took over farm from parents- 2 kids.
Twin Brother, 26, Desner Clarke. Wizard for Duke of Desnick.
Younger Sister, 20, Elisa Nash– Bard- Believed to be deceased.
Youngest Sister, 14, Sarah Rolfe. Lives with Parents, Jacob and Wife, and helps take care of his kids.
Story Before Now: When Terrin and his twin Desner came of age (16) they snuck off to the city after hearing how successful their eldest brother, Billiam, had been with his tavern. After reaching the town they learned of their brothers owed debt to a few of the higher ups in Desnick. Not wanting their brother to fail they turned to doing odd things with the skills they possessed. Terrin turning to hunting, chopping wood, and manual labor. While his twin, Desner, began using his magical abilities and quickly started to get noticed. After a while Desner, using his brand of enchantment magic, got noticed by the Duke and later replaced the recently deceased court mage at the young age of now 18 years old. Desner and his twin move into the Duke’s castle. While in the castle Terrin starts following the church of Abadar, being engrossed in the religion. Terrin’s stay won’t last but another year in the keep. The next year Desner, always the scheming one, gets the idea in his head to rob the duke’s vault. When he attempts to do this he is caught by the only person he thought to not be a problem, Terrin. When trying to convince his brother to help him pull off this heist, someone comes and sees Desner and Terrin standing with this bag of gold in Desner’s hand. Caught in the act, Desner does what he thinks of first, he blames Terrin and charms him to believe he did it. Terrin, under his brother’s spell, believes he did perform the act and turns himself in, even thanking his brother for stopping him.
His brother keeps the duke from executing him and instead brands him a thief with the the symbol of 2/10. This to symbolize 2 eyes watching 10 fingers. The brand of a thief.
After his branding and a year prison time, he turns to the church. They, not wanting a thief to be in their church, send him off to wander and do work in the name of Abadar. Thus maybe someday to redeem himself.

He has been doing this for 6 years.
Which is where his story begins.


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