Otto “The Alchemist”

Name: Otto

Race: Human

Class: Alchemist

Age: 30 Hair: Always different  Eyes: Black


Otto lived a very simplistic life. His family owned an Alchemy shop in the capitol of Lyragon, Rhodiatron. After taking it over he worked the shop for an odd number of years in silence. Then one day, something snapped. That night when closing the shop he packed up the belongings he needed, and burned the shop to the ground. He traveled to the coast of Lyragon and hopped on a boat headed for anywhere in particular.

Campaign Experience:

Otto arrived on a boat to a foreign land filled with foreign people. After discovering that no one required the need of his alchemic wares, Otto joined up with Olesia Trinity, Darisk, and a derpy oracle. After getting rid of an annoying ranger, he decided to follow Olesia due to the fun he saw following her. He traveled with the party constantly destroying everything in his wake. After setting a haunted house on fire and losing the oracle companion, they moved on to more serious work.

After receiving a mission, which had a little to much pay, from a group of mining dwarves to clear out a cave of some troglodytes, the party goes into the cave to find themselves outmatched. Killing most of the tribe by brute force and explosives, the party discovers a young black dragon has taken up the cave as his home. The party decided to fight the dragon ending with the death of the Half-Orc companion Darisk. After defeating the dragon the group took as much from the pile as they could as well as a few bags of dragon scales and dragon novelties. The cave collapsed afterward ending with the party negotiating that their job was done and a reward was worthy. They took the several platinum reward and started spending. After the loss of a recent party member the party split on their own ways to discover what they could of this land they had come to.

Otto took the largest portion of the money and set off on his way, happy to be a rich man. After going on a spending spree ending with him owning a Colosseum and using it to run the “Prostitution Games”; Otto found himself receiving a letter from his old pal Olesia Trinity. She was looking for work from Otto and any associates he may have made. He then sent a letter to a mercenary he had met on the boat. He then proceeded to go to the inn stated by Olesia and bought the largest room possible; the common room. He has been living and spending his money there, waiting for 4 months.

That is where we sit now…


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