Tycan Laino – Bastard of Chasekeep


Name: Tycan Laino
Age: 24
Class: Tactician Fighter
Hair:  Long Brown
Eyes: Brown
Homeland: Country of Lyragon, City of Chasekeep.
Father is Duke of Chasekeep.
Mother was mistress, not wife.
Older brother is the only non-bastard child.
2 younger sisters. 1 half-elf, 1 half-orc.
Story before now:
Tycan was raised with the knowledge that the woman he knew as mother until he was 8 years old, hated him. That she was not his mother and that he, unlike his brother, would gain no inheritance from his father. Though he had showed extreme talent in the art of tactics from his lessons as a boy. His father had decided to set up for his son to be trained in the art of warfare and to lead his guard and the king’s troops in Chasekeep.
His father’s wife, wanting this child out of her life, just like the child’s mother whom she had gotten rid of, told his father that she knew a trainer to train him. She went to the same man she had kill the mistress, a half-orc mercenary named Faldon.
Faldon was paid to train the boy, now age 12, for the next 6 years and at some point to get rid of him. She told him to make him at least think he is being trained well.
In the first few weeks Faldon lazed around not caring what the boy did. When one day he noticed the boy was reading a book on fighting styles. He scoffed and slighted the boy. The next day Tycan brought a table war game and asked his teacher to play him.
They did this for several weeks. Every day they would meet and play this game.
After a while Faldon started to understand Tycan a little better and decided he would train him.
After 6 years of training Tycan was offered the position of leader of the city guard. Offended by what he saw as his father’s pity, Tycan declined and left to make his own way as a leader and fighter. Hoping to someday become rich and famous enough to own his own keep that puts his father to shame.


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