New campaign today!

So after months of planning…

Hell okay after one of my not so favorite players, but friend of mine threw a fit about his character death streak in my games I decided to let him go from my games.

That was the months of planning. You know “How do I tell this good friend of mine I can’t settle for his behavior in my game.”

Anyway, you get that.

With the campaign I only have a glimpse of what I’ll do. I normally run my games on a “We’ll all be surprised because I have no idea what I’m doing” basis.

It’s 10th level due to otherwise having semi-experienced players who never could get to this point because of sir-dies-a-lot.

Nevertheless, I’ll be starting a campaign log on here soon, and some “campaign planning” posts.

Hopefully, it goes well.


Yorick Sofer



I remember a few months ago not being able to find any pathfinder or D&D blogs on WordPress.
Now I search and I love it!
I don’t feel in the dark here on WordPress.
Huzzah for gamers starting blogs about gaming!

House Rule: Wizard Fatigue

So reading through my fantasy books I noticed something odd about magic users that differed from the traditional tabletop wizards and mages.
Mages get tired as they cast their spells. In D&D a wizard can waste all their spells and then just sit pretty until time comes when they rest.
I know the spells/day is supposed to be a “This is what your body can handle” but I just feel like a new mechanic should be introduced.
That is why I’ve come up with the Mana bar. (I play pathfinder so what I’m about to say should be compatible with it and 3.5)
Now the way it works is you have a number of points based off of your constitution score. (E.g. 10 con, 10 points)
Casting your top three highest levels of spells drain your mana by different amounts.
Highest- 4 mana
2nd- 2 mana
3rd-1 mana
Any spell lower than three spell levels lower than your highest does not cost you mana.
Therefore at level 5 0-level spells cost no mana, and at level 17 6th-level spells will not cost you mana.
Now lets say you are a 5th level wizard with 10 con. You are being attacked and spend two of your 3rd level spells! You spent 8 mana. Therefore leaving you with two mana remaining. You are now weary.
When you expend more than half your mana bar you become weary making you take a -2 to str and dex for a time of 30 – 5 x (Con Mod). (max +5).
Now how do I not go over if casting spells depletes it?
Simple, catch your breath.
Lets say you instead just cast one 3rd level spell, and therefore just spent 4 mana leaving you with 6/10.
When your next turn comes up you have 3 options:
Do nothing strenous– I.e. no standard or move. This regenerates your mana at 4+Con mod.
Move or take Standard- This will regenerate it at a 2+con mod rate.
Cast low level spells- Any spell under 3 lower than your highest will not cost you mana and allow you to regenerate at 1+con mod.
There you catch your breath and can cast again.
But hey! What if you reach 0 mana?!
Well you become drained. This makes you past weary and overides the weary symptoms.
Drained causes you to take a -6 to str and dex until you rest/sleep for at least 1 hour.
Now does having 0 mana mean no spells? Nope!
Just means that if cast another mana draining spell you go unconscious for a number of hours equal to how many points you go under 0.
This unconscious rids you of drained and weary, and when you wake up you are at full mana. You may not regain spell uses from this rest. You also are unable to wake up by any non-magical efforts.
Well, thats what I’ve written so far.
Questions, comments, and concerns are welcome.
-Yorick Sofer

” But… You didn’t tell me that! ”
– A player who just died.

Honestly, it’s mostly because he does something and then when it kills him and I ask him why he “Didn’t just do (insert obvious way to not die, e.g. get out of the dragons mouth before he breath weapons you to death.)” he would point out that I didn’t tell him he could get out of his mouth.
My response being “You didn’t ask…”, most times I figure it is common sense.