A&tID Chapter 1: The Beeginning Part 1

A&tID Chapter 1: The Beeginning Part 1

It had been a day since their last meal, and to Ameli it was an unbearable time full of misery and blame. Blame that she would point at her traveling companion, Clark. Though, in honesty, he was to thank for the previous meal’s existence. Despite that, they were hungry, upset, and hopelessly lost in the most complicated dungeon imaginable.

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The Families: The Brothers

The Families: The Brothers

When the first found the world it was filled with the remnants of a darkness they hunted across the heavens. Needing to continue the hunt for their eternal foe they created those that would become the gods of this world.

First came the eldest ones, who would be tasked with fixing the world. Being unable to fix the world with the darkness inhabiting it the Second would be created. These would never meet the First as they would depart shortly after their creation. After the Second helped the elders combat the darkness they required a use for the now “fixed” world. Thus the Youngest were created by the Second. The Young would cultivate the world and make it grow. When the world was fresh the mortal races appeared and the gods became confused. Thus the gods formed “families” and the fights broke out. 
One of these families was a set of siblings.

Denaldrean, (The Stubborn Defender) the strongest of the Eldest. He was made to protect the other elders as they tried to fix the world. It is said without him the elders would have failed in the beginning.

Mittenen, (The keeper of Secrets and Lies) a member of the Second who was lost to the darkness at creation and came back with the secrets to its destruction. He would teach the gift of Light.

Deunga, (The seeker of Knowledge) at first the weakest of the young, was said to have his brother Mittenen attempt to corrupt him with the secrets of the shadows. He failed and Deunga created magic through harnessing the powers of light and dark. Thus he became the strongest of the young.

Many alliances and families fell and broke apart, though, the brothers always remained.

When the mortal races appeared the brothers helped the races in different ways. Denaldrean helped them build their cities strong and taught them how to protect themselves. Deunga gave them a thirst for knowledge and found some had an affinity for magic which he helped refine. Mittenen meanwhile found himself collecting the souls of the dead, though, he never explained why. This brought great dismay to the other gods who were weary of he that was raised in darkness. Denaldrean and Deunga were a big reason no gods acted upon their hatred. 

Chloe Roth – Myrmidarch

Chloe RothI did another one of those mirror Mythe characters. This time using a close friend of mine. So I introduce to you… Chloe Roth.

There is not much known about Chloe’s past, but in the present day she classifies as a Myrmidarch. These people are known for their combat style of blending the skill of archery with the skill of magic. She doesn’t use actual arrows, instead substituting them for lines of force that she focuses using her bow as a catalyst.

She is a friend and ally to Kayden in the Brothers 3 and has a possible role in Ameliorate and the Infinite Dungeon. I haven’t written much on her yet, as I don’t really know where to put her as of now.

When that becomes more clear, I’ll update her with a new post.

Either way, I’ve been meaning to throw her on here for a few days now.



Ever tried hypothetical juggling?

Greetings to all,

Just felt I’d stop in with a friendly reminder to not over work your brain with too much… well, work.
Seriously jerks and gents, and ladies if you decided to show up to this nerdfest, I’ve been working a lot for the past… Whoa! Has it been almost a year since I posted? I guess, I didn’t look at exact dates, but it’s been a while.

This will be, I think, number 6 on the “Hey, I’m back dudes! Sorry for being gone so long.” posts.
I don’t plan to make it a thing, but life happens sometimes.

Anyway, back to the update.
So, stuff happened, I’m still pretty radical, and I have kind of ground to a halt on all projects.
I am having a fight with adulthood and responsibility, who are teaming up to beat me up and take my lunch money, to try and do something I actually enjoy.
Like the Pathfinder and Dungeon and Dragons!
Also, writing, drawing, mapping, all of that good nonsensical crap.

Ameliorate and the Infinite Dungeon

I kind of stopped doing the Ameliorate and the Infinite Dungeon thing, despite really loving the series and wanting to get back to it sometime, due to just an emotional connection to it.
I love the characters, I love the setting, I love everything there is about it.
I’m really just not ready to actually start it and reveal it yet.

There is so much left to flesh out about the characters, setting, and story. I also just don’t feel like I’m mentally ready to take it on.
So it is on a pause.

Neverset (That superhero comic thing)

So remember when I started over and tried to write a super hero comic.
Yes, I do. I still have all the information saved in my brain about the characters, setting, and story.
Do I feel like carrying on with it? Yes. Am I? Maybe. When? I don’t know yet.
Probably when life settles in a little more and I know how to actually do it right.
So for right now, put it behind the green beans on the back burner.
Oh… they’re burnt? My bad.


This is the big one. My world. My baby. The magical place where all of the … umm… magic… happens. Shutup.
This is the thing I’ve redrawn until I finally got the map correct. Every detail on it scrutinized until I felt it looked the best it could be.
I have names, places, races, magic, some government.
Am I working on it? You bet! How often? Not so often.
Yes, I love my world. I could never abandon this.
This is definitely on the top of my list, and I don’t think I’ve posted any updates on it since… Holy crap on a … in a… Place where crap goes… Anyway, I haven’t updated you guys since like 2013 or so.
Definitely expect some posts showing the map, the land, the different techniques I’m trying, and some other things that you might like.
Such as a game you can play to make your own damn fantasy world.

Yup. It exists. Indeed is it fun.

That’s it people.

Keep it PC,