Side campaign: Bad Moon Waning

I recently started a campaign with my usual group. I deemed it Heroes of Parsley (I’ll give a post about it later with what is going on there.) Well in that campaign my younger brother joined my game officially for the first time.With him joining he has to change a bit of his schedule around. This left us with a game day without him. We only play once a week so with that we were left with three choices.
1. Skip this week and wait until he joins us next time.
2. Continue this week without him.
3. Start a side campaign.
I decided to do number three. Since our other campaign started as level 1 characters, and my players complain about never getting to play higher level than 7, I decided we would start level 10 characters for this campaign. I also decided to use the new Pathfinder book Ultimate Campaign. Which is pretty awesome.
With that, the crew of characters I got were… strangely interesting. Continue reading “Side campaign: Bad Moon Waning”