Session #1 : Generation 27

Session 1.
Characters Participating-

Kilarra Wolf – Level 4 Female Tiefling Alchemist. Played by Devin.

Aahil – Level 4 Male Oread Monk. Played by Kaleb.

Tycan Laino – Level 4 Male Human Fighter. Played by Eric.

The game starts off in the town of Estuary, in the country of Lyragon. It sits on the end of a river where it meets the sea.
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New characters!

I recently added 2 new characters to the “Hero’s of Mythe” bar.
Terrin Rolfe and Kilarra Wolf.

Huh… I didn’t think about how those rhymed.

Anyway, feel free to check them out.

Kilarra has a nice long back story written by my Significant other due to it being her character.

Terrin’s is kind of short, but his is just a concept of his back story, than an actually story.

Either way, check them out and tell me what you think!