Did you say “Something New”? I heard “Mary Sue”.

You’ve heard it all before. “Princess to a lost kingdom who has eyes that shimmer like the moon due to her being blessed by the Moon Goddess. Her name is ‘Andria Luna’ and she doesn’t know anything about her past, she was raised by a poor family and is the only hope to civilization due to her having magical abilities that no one else in the land has or can explain. She is also 16, the kindest person known to anyone, and animals can’t resist trying to be friends with her.”

What do you call that? Why does it sound completely stupid? Is that a… Mary Sue?

Gesundheit. Continue reading “Did you say “Something New”? I heard “Mary Sue”.”


Fernweh: Chapter 1 : Part 1

Chapter 1

“because he had no place he could stay in without getting tired of it and because there was nowhere to go but everywhere, keep rolling under the stars...” ―Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Lightning flashed all around him and thunder drummed through the forest, followed by the roar of a helicopter. He sat against a tree in the darkness of the forest and held the wound on his side. With every heart beat the blood spilled from the gash, over his fingers, and into the earth below him. He was dying, and he was glad. Continue reading “Fernweh: Chapter 1 : Part 1”

A Place to Think

Right now in the location I’m currently residing it is 5 hours after the day has been made new. The big lightbulb in the sky hasn’t switched on and we’re still staring at the night light as it keeps away all of our fears and doubts of the world. In all of this jumble of time, mathematics, geography, and science; guess where I am…
Go on, give it a try.
I’ll go ahead and tell you.
I’m in the shower.
Apparently I can not write unless I’m naked under a spray of this life giving and erosion causing thing. The liquid base for my brain to rest in and disjumble my thoughts.
Do you have somewhere like this?
I find myself continuing to come back just so I can think clearly.
I digress.
I’ve told you where i sit.
Your turn.

Tolion – 362 Words


(Art by: Jason Engle. I have no rights to this picture.)

     Blood trickled from the lips of a grief stricken writer as he threw the quill that he had been chewing upon. A raven feather with a brass point, no ink upon the tip. Ink had not been fed to this hungry pen for months now. The writer who wielded it seemed to not feel like wasting ink upon a pen in which he would not be able to write with. Continue reading “Tolion – 362 Words”

“I have a cart now! Now I can have heavier things!”
-The Alchemist

Definitely one of my favorite things about my friends and playing D&D with them is the fact that we all have these jokes that go around, and this friend in my group ( I call him the Alchemist because he fits that class so much) always has some great lines in our games and out.

This is one.

Skull-Kid: The Unfinished Comic

Hey! Remember that one drawing I posted a few posts back about Skull-Kid?
The little skull guy that I have been drawing forever?
Well, I got up off the bruised fat muscle I call an ass and decided to sit back down and draw it.
This is it! … sort of…
See I haven’t exactly added the words to it yet.
But! I have the drawing…
I’ll post the finished version once I figure out how I want the words to look…
You know…
Font, text size, location of the box, how the box looks, how big it is, what color the inside is, what color the outside is, if it is a text bubble or an actual box, bla bla bla…
Choices, am I right?
Anyway. Hope you enjoy the first glance at this before hand look at it.
I’m looking for input and insight on what you think, so critiques and such are welcome.
Also! If you click the picture it should take you to my deviantart where you can see my maps and other crude scribbles I call drawing…