Took a brisk walk through the woods. So many spider webs.


Gave me an idea for a city built out of spider webs. Suspends buildings. Protects from things. I don’t know rattled in my brain a little. Also learned a little more about throwing knives and spears (Javelins). Had some D&D inspiration pop up while I was climbing trees and across fallen logs.


That wasn’t a big gap, I just liked the picture.


This was interesting as well. Moldy uprooted tree. Sounds like a punk rock band. Hmm… Anyway, That was my morning. Update you later. -The Guy


4 thoughts on “Spiderwebs

  1. I like the idea of spider wed city. In my book, I have a nearly imperceptible ladder made of thin but powerful spider webbing. Spiders are amazing in so many different ways. Great to use in fantasy writing. Nice pics


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